#MovieReview: 'Ovy's Voice' The Trailer, Abuse, Disability, What I Learnt From It.

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So i finally watched Ovy's Voice' a movie full of intrigue, suspense, teachings emotional leesons and life lessons generally.

I could remember watching this movie with my family, everyone was glued to the TV set, sending me on an errand was like
sending me away from my blessings.

With only four casts the movie was perfectly acted with a very good story line.
My friend from #BB_Naija bisola didn't disappoint as she played her role perfectly well.

First Watch the trailer below before i continue with its life lessons and things I learnt...


Ovy’s Voice explores the life of Ovy, a physically challenged 27-year-old make-up artist who is trying to navigate the challenges that come with her muteness situation by avoiding love altogether.
She lives with her cousin, YV, and connects so well with her clients that they keep coming back. One of them is Mrs G, a party-loving, well-to-do Yoruba woman in her fifties, who is bent on finding a ‘nice husband’ for Ovy because she thinks the young woman is a ray of sunshine.
When Ovy meets Mrs G’s son, Anaan, by chance, she is reminded of a terrible episode she had with him once where he mistook her for a beggar and instantly dislikes him.
The feeling is mutual until Anaan finds out about her disability. He feels guilty, and while trying to make peace, he develops feelings for her that would change the course of everyone’s life.

Life Teachings​

1: Never give up even when you're physically challenged.

2: Love with all your heart

3: Always be presentable at all times

4: True Love Never Fails

5. Always believe in yourself and let love lead

6. Have a very high self esteem

7. Never stay idle, always find something to do

8. Don't let your past experiences affect your present.

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