#FisiWeekly Ep 14: LIFE AS A CHEMIST

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Every time I hear the word "Chemists"
I reminisce on our extremists
Who wish to make our stay on OAU campus
Longer than the Greek's Olympus.
With our future in our hands to uphold.
In resilience and tenacity we found our stronghold.

Years ago the onerous task started
Without hesitation we all accelerated

To a journey with copious rough roads
In which many rise and fall like toads.
Sighting the accolades, at first we felt it's a tourney
Only later we could fathom it's just a journey.

Like us many started these most arduous of all races
With thought of making an ace on most faces
Only for our witty dreams to wane on each phases
On the latter our wishes become different
And now to some, quiting stand inherent.

Life as a chemist had made me stronger
For I never knew I could last longer
In the hands of our academic Pharaohs
Who made red pen their bows
And poor grades their arrows.

Whilst some survive their shots by getting "As"
" Bs"," Cs", "Ds" and "Es" sometimes made my days
However, some got badly wounded with" Fs"
Only to take solace in a meaningful admonition
Since our marauders can never be fought by ammunition.

Now, to me life as a chemist are pictures
In which success and failure features
How on earth will I forget the long hours of lectures
Or the energy draining practical
Which had made me more radical and tactical

Shying away from pretence
Now that the journey gets intense
From where we came thence
An encomium to all my friends
For even as it tends
They keep striving to the end
Concomitantly to those, who kept their heads high
If gotten overdosed, to all I bid my good-bye.

Dedicated to all great Ife Chemists.
Ayejusunle Samuel is a writer, unionist cum staunch advocate of revolution.
Reach him via 08137123055 and Ayeesamunique on twitter and Instagram
 © SUI GENERIS 2017 .

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1 comment

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