#Zimbabwe: President Mugabe Finally Agrees To Resign In Return For FULL IMMUNITY Deal

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ROBERT Mugabe has purportedly consented to leave as the leader of Zimbabwe in the wake of hitting an arrangement with commanders that will give him and spouse Grace full immunity.

The 93-year-old president will likewise be permitted to keep his private properties as

a byproduct of a serene change of energy and his resignation letter has just been drafted, a senior source told CNN.

Mr Mugabe has just been stripped of the administration of ruling party Zanu-PF, which had requested he steps down as president by 12:00 nearby time (10:00 GMT) today or face  impeachment.

The due date has now passed and Zanu-PF authorities have marked Mugabe a "wellspring of unsteadiness" in a draft prosecution movement.

The gathering, who sacked Mugabe as leader yesterday, has blamed him for demonstrating affront for the lead of law and pointed the finger at him for a "phenomenal financial spiral" in the course of recent years.

Zanu-PF representative Simon Moyo said Mr Magabe had been informed of his evacuation as gathering president and a movement requiring his reprimand will be tabled on Tuesday.

Gathering authorities are certain that it will take two days to impugn the ousted President of Zimbabwe.
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