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This morning, I want us to learn from a testimony shared by Pastor E. A. Adeboye below:

Many years ago, a young man came to me saying he needed a major breakthrough. Then I asked him, “will you serve the Lord?” He chorused with enthusiasm, “I will serve Him!” so I told the Lord, “Almighty God, see this young, zealous man who is ready to serve you. Please bless him. “Some days later, he returned to me with excitement and said, “Sir, my landlord has a house with 13 flats for sale. He says I can sell the property for any price; all he is asking me to give him is a particular amount that is less than half its worth!” So I said to him, “Congratulations! Your breakthrough has come at last. How many flats are there again?” “Thirteen”, he replied. Then I said to him, “That means you will give one flat to the God as your tithe.” At this, he got angry and said, “This is the trouble with you pastors! This is the reason why people should not even share their testimonies with you!” So I asked him to forgive me. He said “this is my very first breakthrough”, and I replied, “I am sorry sir”, and he left. He thereafter sold the house to a prospective buyer, and he took the amount he earlier agreed with the landlord to him.

 The landlord looked at him strangely and said, “Which house did you sell?” “The house at plot so and so sir”, he replied. The landlord said to him, “Did I ever ask you to sell that house?” “Yes sir, you did, and you asked me to bring so much for it”, he replied. The landlord then yelled, “You think you can use black magic on me, right? If you don’t leave here now, both you and your witchdoctor will face the music! “The young man returned to me, saying he was now ready to do what I asked, but I said to him, “Leave me out of this. It is strictly between you and God. Go and settle with Him. “Are you prepared to honour God with the blessings He has given you?
He further said
"God has had to shut some doors because the beneficiaries were not ready to do what He wanted them to do with the open doors."

. The man lost all,

 1. Because he could not trust God, nor Obey His commandments.

 2. Because he dishonor the Servant of God

 3. He desiccated the Kingdom of God.

Quite a number of us do the same in our little corners today. We hid the glory of God so nobody will know we are being blessed, so, we can continue not to pay tithe, involve in Kingdom work, give our little offering in pretence. Please​, change your ways. Men can be deceived, but God cannot.
Today will announce you to your world.

Good morning.
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