#OAU: Why These 4 Departments Haven't Prouduced First Class Students In Decades

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As a student of one of the greatest universities in Nigeria (Obafemi Awolowo University) based on my experience i would say being a first class student in this great university is not as easy as many might think, only those that are already students would understand better as OAU is one of the universities that rarely produces first class students and the cause for that is Majorly and satisfactorily directed to the lecturers.

Obafemi awolowo university is a ‘splendid’ university  that has over the years evolved a subculture of glorifying students’ failure.

A few lecturers in nigerian universities like to shape awful guys with their
college students and they try this with satisfactory traits of being unduly vain and conceited.

Numerous students have had encounters with lecturers telling them they may no longer graduate, the lenient one would promise you a very low grade no matter what your overall performance is within the check.

Lecturers like these we can't say they are so many but not rare to find, they just enjoy making students suffer and claim they didn't enjoy what these generation of students are enjoying  now so they wear their precept glorifying failure like a badge of honour.

Graduating with distinction from obafemi awolowo college is one of the most tough things to obtain in nigeria.

It's far nearly impossible because a few departments in the college have advanced a lifestyle of no longer producing first class graduates.

Even as other departments produce graduates yearr in year out, these departments have proved that first class award is not for everybody of their area, not even for the max tremendous university students.

Lately, Aarinola Olaiya broke a 28-yr-vintage record in the university as she emerged the first student of surgical procedure to graduate with distinction in 28 years.

This triggered a communication primarily based on the conclusion of a twitter nigeria influencer that lecturers in a university that doesn't produce a first class scholar in five years must be fired.

Quite a few individuals reacted to this tweet and so, if you are thinking about admission into these few departments i'll be sharing now, you need to prepare your self for the way of life. The lifestyle of glorifying failure in oau.

1. English

The oau english department has no longer produced any first class student in more than 3 decades.  the last distinction graduate of the department is now a vintage senior lecturer inside the department. And ever due to the fact that, no scholar has been dimmed excellent enough to merit the award.

2. Geology:

If making first class within the study of the earth and its shape became a passport to heaven, no scholar reading geology in oau might make heaven.

It's far that certain. So sure that the lecturers normally prepare the minds of the scholars that they cannot get first class irrespective of how excellent they perform. Geology is one of the maximum dreaded departments on this college and for many years, no scholar has been celebrated in the department.

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3. Surgery:

In surgery branch, it is a superb information that no pupil has been capable of make first elegance for the beyond 28 years. This appears to be a branch wherein making first elegance is critically frowned at.

Regrettably, for the department, a scholar of the department, Aarinola Olaniyan currently broke the jinx and her fellow college students couldn't but celebrate her success.

4. Political science:

This department has not produced any first class graduate in so many years. This culture has even made a few college students to surrender on chasing first class due to the fact that first class has now not befell to any student within the past and isn't in all likelihood to occur in future.
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