#OAU: Director Of Socials (Adedayo Afolabi) Aka Lamba Apologizes To Great Ife Students

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It seems the popular OAU director of socials Adedayo Afolabi Emmanuel aka Lamba has realized his costly mistakes and has taken time out to write an apology letter to great Ife Students over the misunderstanding which led to a fight with the vice president of the student union of ObafemiAwolowo University "Emerald"

Read below...

An Apology Letter To My Electorates (Great Ife Students)

Dear Great Ife Students,
First, I want to use this medium to wish everyone happy resumption, may this semester be a hitch free one for everyone.

Not digressing too much. I want to use this medium to apologize to Great Ife students for the scuffle that happened between me and the Vice President of the Union.

 It saddens my heart to have let the ugly incidence happen through my Office; an office which you all gave me your full support and made me become the candidate with the highest number of votes. I know there is no amount of words I could say that would reverse the incidence because more is expected of me as a leader. 

However, I still want to say I am very sorry, so sorry for disappointing you, so sorry for everything.

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I deeply regret the fact that I allowed the incidence happen. Nevertheless, I still love you all and I will never forget the love, support and hope you all had in me on my Election Day even till date. Even after I graduate, I want everyone to know that I will never forget you all and you will always be part of my success story. Please find it in your heart to forgive us both (myself and the VP, Emerald), we are deeply sorry.
Once again , I love you and I will never forget you all.
Adedayo Afolabi Emmanuel
Director of Socials and Culture
Obafemi Awolowo University
(2016/2017 Session)
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