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Reading some great write ups on Nigeria's independence by my senior colleagues inspired me and I felt like expressing my view.

I woke up seeing no need celebrating the independence day of my dear country. Who celebrates a failure? No
one. It is no gainsaying that Nigeria has failed woefully. A country blessed with so many natural and human resources yet nothing or little to show for it. She has a lot of weapons in her arsenal yet misuses them, day in day out.

According to history, Nigeria has been failing since after she gained independence from her colonial master. Corruption, disunity, coups, civil war and likes can not be erased from history. And funny enough, till today we are still battling with the same problem. No good social amenities yet. Our roads, electricity, health care facilities, educational sector are all in a sorry state. What of tribal wars, terrorism, obnoxious policies, disunity and many more? I don't need to dwell on this as they are what we experience daily.

It is a known fact that the country's major problem is bad governance and the solution to her woes is good governance. The same set of people are still ruling us howbeit under various platforms with different name but the same corrupt ideas.

Actually, that's my least concern. My greatest concern is the youths, the 'supposed leaders' of tomorrow and by extension, the future of this nation. Taking a look at how youths are faring at various leadership positions at our higher institutions of learning, their actions cast doubts on the future of this country. They are as bad as our leaders, even terrible given the little resources accessible to them. I wonder what their action would be if they have access to more. Your guess is as good as mine. I remembered I once asked some guys what they would do if they get to position of power, "we too will embezzle money" was there replies. It saddened my heart but that's the fact, an average Nigerian youth has a corrupt mind - the greatest problem.

This makes me ask myself if there is still hope for a better Nigeria? Maybe, so far there are still few young fellows with progressive mind, that love the country truly; those that want to rule because they want to serve and cause genuine change.

Creating a better Nigeria is a collective effort that will involves all zealous progressive minds with incorrupt ideas to work together. Even though it will takes time and won't be easy. Nevertheless, individuals too can make a difference by being a good ambassador of the country wherever they find themselves, in whatsoever position - it is our responsibility and we can't afford to shy away from it.

And now, I think I can be hopeful of a better Nigeria. But I'm still not celebrating her independence day not until she gained the 'real' independence from herself...

Written by OLANIYI DAMILOLA MOSES, a 300 level student of the department of Demography and Socials Statistics, Obafemi Awolowo University
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