Man Stabs Barber To Death With Barbecue Skewer Over Bad Haircut

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                        Dany-Dastan Adkhamov left,                                                Pavel Luzyanin right

CCTV caught the terrible minute a hairdresser was cut to death with a skewer (meat stick) over an "awful hair style".

Pavel Luzyanin pursued beautician Dany-Dastan Adkhamov into the road and wounded him three times in the
 Ichest in vindicate for his £2.60 trim the day preceding.

The attacker at that point left and the 24-year-old casualty stumbled to his feet helped by a passing cyclist.

The assailant at that point pivoted, and seeing his casualty was as yet alive, placidly strolled back and coldly murdered him by hitting him in the neck with the grill stick before onlookers who did nothing to stop him, as indicated by police.

He died before a rescue team arrived.

The terrible film is from the town of Troitsk, 23 miles south of Moscow.

The casualty, referred to his companions as Danya, was an unlawful migrant from Uzbekistan who has set up a flourishing business with numerous normal clients offering high value hair styles.

Luzyanin had wanted a haircut on Friday, paid 200 roubles, and left, apparently content with his hair style.

Be that as it may, he had returned following day angry over it.

Danya consented to enhance the cut – and he left once more.

Be that as it may, his companions at an adjacent auto repair shop disclosed to him his hair was "trim like a prisoner".

Luzyanin had a haircut  on Friday, paid 200 roubles, and left, apparently content with his hair style.

Vindictive Luzyanin told companions he "couldn't bear" the joke, and he came back to payback the hair stylist

"The customer just snatched Danya, drove him out into the road and stabbed him three times with a meat stick," said one witness.

An observer for the ruthless murder was the man who had led the teasing of Luzyanin over his hair style.

Luzyanin, 28, was halted and confined by street activity police not long after the killing as he looked to leave Moscow area, said stunned Russian representative Anton Belyakov in a Facebook posting.

Police uncovered he had been imprisoned already for burglary and robbery.

Danya's customers are currently raising funds to send his body back to his family in Uzbekistan.

One said the hairdresser had "brilliant hands" and could have an occupation at a best salon on the off chance that he had not been an illegal immigrant.

He was the only l child, and his mom relied upon the cash he sent home.
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