#FisiWeekly Ep 11: Few Seconds To Act

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When I'm close to some friends, all i hear is you're still an amateur, what have you achieved, you're just there, deceiving yourself, stop wasting your megabyte do better things with your time.

Sometimes even some of my family members would tell me all you do is just to press your phone what have you
achieved with what you've been doing and i'd be like just few seconds of action could change everything.

“Why is it so hard to do the little things that would improve my life? The way that our minds are designed is our minds are designed to stop you at all costs, from doing anything, that might hurt you…we are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable, or scary, or difficult. Our brains are designed to protect us from those things because our brains are trying to keep us alive” (Mel Robbins).

I've watched different videos on youtube of people who have succeeded in different types of career choices. They all but circle through two common things that a lot of people run away from which is failure and hardwork.

Lot’s of people have bright ideas. If it were to be dreams and ideas that make one successful I think I should be a billionaire by now.  However, a great idea is only thatunless it’s followed by action, meaning, hard work.

There is only few seconds for us to act before our mind begins to “sabotage” our dreams because the survival skills start to kick in. Anything that’s hard work, our mind, constantly, fights us back especially when we begin to think of the hardwork behind every dream. What I have learned, in short, its either you ACT NOW or NEVER.

Based on my research I've found out that, successful people, have failed A LOT. And guess what? They continued despite their failed career or relationships choices and moved on.

Most times it's always difficult to move on but you don't have a choice you just have to if you don't want to remain in one single position.

Just like my relationship choice, I've always loved a girl all my life and it started right from the university, she was the only pretty damsel in my eyes  but i was usually the shy type and i was trying to break the jinx, i seeked for advice but I just couldn't but one day i told my first love, the mother of all mothers, my sweet mom. At first I was like won't she be like i sent you to school to go and read and you are chasing girls abi..lol. but she gave me the confidence i needed and i ended up expressing my feelings but all seemed futile i never got what i expected, isn't that failure? She had someone else and i had to move on.
It was so difficult to move on and i was down but i just had to. Though if I still had the chance i would love to be with her.

Moral of this touching example is that as soon as you fail once never see it as a failure, see it as a trial and move on to try and grab the next opportunity that comes your way.

If you haven’t failed, that means you have not been daring enough.

To my amazing readers, my mind on all this is that any positive advice, either uncomfortable or not, take it in for yourself.

 many at times we feel comfortable telling people how to make their life better, but we don’t concentrate on the self. Why? Because the self has too many excuses. Pointing out the flaws of others is easy. But when it comes to us (the self), we blame everything on the universe and people. When someone else is in trouble or doing things wrong, it’s easy to say, “this is what you’re doing wrong.”

At the early stage of my life there were a lot of things that interest me i wanted to be the richest man ever, i wanted to be the king of the world, i wanted to rule everything but now i want to overcome fears or any garbage that has entered my mind. Why? Because you cannot help others or the planet if your mind is poisoned with waste.

There are many ways to cleanse ourselves from this crazy world here's mine below, what's yours?

1: Listening to motivational or inspirational people.
2: Write
3: Setting small goals
4: Relating with people but avoiding the toxic ones
5: Shutting down negativity
6: Putting God First (Read the bible and pray)
7: Accepting my emotions when I am angry or upset. ( Don’t hide these. We’re only human after all.)
8: Never scared to seek help
9: Don’t force or obligate anyone or anything. Things fall in their place at the right time
10: I accept my flaws
11: I'm still working on it I'm only human after all.
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