Finally! Singer Simi Talks About Her Relationship Between Falz And Adekunle Gold

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Nigerian artist Simi has for quite some time been rumoured to be in relationship with two of Nigeria's well known singers.

Her sentiment with Adekunle Gold was never comprehensively denied or
affirmed by both of them despite the fact that insiders say they're together.

Over the most recent two years she has likewise developed a companionship with rapper/comic Falz. Their science was intense to the point that they ended up doing an EP together.

Obviously fans would expect it's more than only 'a companionship'. Simi has been asked who her genuine love is between Adekunle Gold and Falz a thousand and one times, lastly she's talking about them; just barely holding back before naming who she's dating.

In a meeting with The Punch's Sunday Scoop, Simi uncovered how she met Falz and Adekunle Gold. The 'Tiff' artist confessed to meeting the 'BAHD' rapper via Twitter. Falz reached Simi in the wake of hearing some of her music.

'[When I met Adekunle Gold] , I just knew him as a visual craftsman, prevalently alluded to as the 'king of Photoshop'. I didn't know he was a vocalist, however we just turned out to be close from that point.'

Falz and Simi

Falz she says looked for her when he heard her music.

'He heard one of my works, and he contacted me on Twitter. From that point, we snared in the studio and did a few things together. Soldier was really my melody, and when he heard it, we chose to cooperate on it.'

In any case she declined to name her sweetheart despite the fact that she affirmed that she in reality was seeing someone.

'I generally jump at the chance to keep my own life far from people in general. Whatever I can state is that I am seeing someone I simply would prefer not to reveal the individual's name.'
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