Campus Crush (CCW) 12/10/17: If You Don't Do Things When You Should, Then You're Not Living -- Arawomo Ibukunoluwa.

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Our Campus Crush Weekly (CCW) is really inspiring. She is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, faculty of law. Her funny memories will make you laugh and her views about life will motivate you to be a better YOU.

Read the interview below...

Hello, welcome to the Flywaterz Media  campus crush segment, can you please introduce yourself to our readers

Ibukun: My name is Arawomo Ibukunoluwa.
I'm a student of the faculty of law.

Flywaterz: Alright ibukunoluwa which university are you from?

Ibukun: Obafemi awolowo university

Flywaterz: Alright since you are from the faculty of law...did you actually dream of  becoming a lawyer?

Ibukun: At a point.

Flywaterz: Okay...what did you actually dream of becoming in life

Ibukun: An actress or a fine artist.

Flywaterz: After you graduate would you love to take law business as your full time career job

Ibukun: Not necessarily,

Flywaterz: What were your goals right from childhood

Ibukun: I just wanted be better at anything arts.

Flywaterz: thats interesting...How was high school like to you, was it so much fun or boring

Ibukun: I think it was more of fun than boring.

Flywaterz: Have you ever been bullied before

Ibukun: Lol... Definitely not, I've never been bullied

Flywaterz: Do you like hanging out and relating with people

Ibukun: Yes, I do

Flywaterz: Did you ever had a childhood sweet heart?

Ibukun: Ehm... No, I don't think so

Flywaterz: Do you love fashion?

Ibukun: Yes I do love fashion

Flywaterz: Are you currently in any relationship?

Ibukun: No I'm not

Flywaterz: Have you ever been cheated or broken hearted by a guy?

Ibukun: Ehm... I haven't

Flywaterz: What are your hobbies?

Ibukun  love to watch movies, meet people and chat with people, listen to music, dance, draw and sew. That should be pretty much everything

Flywaterz: Do you have any important childhood memories you would love to share with us?

Ibukun: Oh... OK... I really loved figure skating when I was younger and I used to wish that I knew how to skate plus there was no where I could think of that I could learn how to, so I invented my own ice by pouring either water or white powder on the floor, so one day I went to the side of the house that was tiled and poured water on the floor, while I was skating, I slipped to the edge of the floor and the chipped part of the tile gave me a cut.... It was both funny and painful, I can't just stop laughing when I remember that incidence.

Flywaterz: Hahaha๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†...thats funny anyways sorry about the pain

Ibukun: Lol... Thanks

Flywaterz: What has been the drive that has kept you going in life

Ibukun: That everyone is meant to be great and that can only be possible if you give everything your best and with God, you'll be greater than you think you should

Flywaterz: What is your view about life

Ibukun: Life is all about risks and if you don't do things when you can and should, then you're not living, and you don't forget your source too.

Flywaterz: Are you a Christian or a Muslim

Ibukun: I'm a Christian

Flywaterz: What genre of music do you like?

Ibukun: Pretty much anything that can be called music and sound good to my ears

Flywaterz: Which kind of movie do you like best, e.g action, love, high school movies e.t.c

Ibukun: I find it hard to pick one most times, if I feel it's interesting then why not

Flywaterz: How old are you

Ibukun: I'll be 20 this year

Flywaterz: What's your favourite colour?

Ibukun: Ehrrr... I mostly prefer any shade of green

Flywaterz: What's your best food?

Ibukun: Pounded yam with efo riro or egunsi

Flywaterz: Do you love cooking and are you very good at it?

Ibukun: Hmmm... I can't say I love cooking but I'm confident I'm good at it.

Flywaterz: Do you have a mentor?

Ibukun: Yes I do

Flywaterz: What's your view about guys generally?

Ibukun: Guys can be cool when they want to.

Flywaterz: What's the most painful thing that has ever happened to you?

Ibukun: Ehm... I don't think I  can gauge the painful things.

Flywaterz: What's the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Ibukun: It has not happened

Flywaterz: this is our first interview with you can you please tell us how you felt when we told you we'd like to make you our next campus crush of the week

Ibukun: I felt good and I think I blushed *just a little bit though, this๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ little ๐Ÿค“

Flywaterz: Lols...thats cool.

Flywaterz: How do you feel sharing a little bit of your life with our amazing readers?

Ibukun: good and happy that I have blessed them with little bit of my life

Flywaterz: To you, what do you think is more important in a relationship. Love, money, trust or sex?

Ibukun: Trust

Flywaterz: In just few lines, Tell our readers what you love about this blog?

Ibukun: It's a blog that takes time to appreciate people and I think it's a good thing

Flywaterz: As we come to an end of this great interesting interview, it's so sad to see this interview come to an end, it's been fun chatting with you and so great to have  you as our next campus crush.

Ibukun: It's sad for me too, it was fun chatting with you too

Flywaterz: We hope to see you win our who is more beautiful contest and much more achieving your dreams.

Ibukun: Thank you

Flywaterz: Thank you so much ibukunoluwa

Ibukun: You're welcome

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