Campus Crush 06/10/17: Meet The Sexy And Hardworking Tessy Chidozie

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Guys our latest campus crush of the week is tessy chidozie, she is a pretty damsel from anambra state, from our interview we could see that she is an hardworking lady with a bright vision.
She loves afang soup with eba or semo. You really do not want to miss this.

We hope you enjoy this great interview as we bring you beautiful pictures of her and details about her personal life.

Fisidinho: Can you please introduce yourself to our readers

Tessy: My name is Tessy chidozie, I hail from Anambra/Ebonyi state

Fisidinho: Alright Tessy this is our first interview with you Can you please tell us how you felt when we told you we'd like to make you our next campus crush of the week

Tessy: Well I felt a bit odd like its was a scam. But till its was cleared to me that it's real. Then I felt happy and was like okay let me give it a try

Fisidinho: Wow! That's very truthful of you. So are you still a student or a graduate?

Tessy: Well am not yet in university. But by the grace of God next year i  should be a student

Fisidinho: So which university do you want to opt in for

Tessy: I was thinking about my state but on a second thought I decide to be working and schooling, so I decided to go to any university in Lagos. Be it Lagos or any other state not too far from away tho

Fisidinho: Oh! That's nice...would you by any chance love to come to OAU

Tessy: I don't think so, but I will think about that it sha

Fisidinho: Alright so how has growing up in anambra been, has it been fun or has it been a life of struggle and hustle.

Tessy: Well I would say I never grew up in Anambra, I did grow up In Lagos state. And it's has been fun.
Lots of things happened which is in the past now, I only go on visitations to Ebonyi state.

Fisidinho: That's cool, so u are partly a lagosian too. Do you have a pet name (nickname)

Tessy: Not really but Tessy is cool. Unless I will be give one.

Fisidinho: Do you mind sharing your age with our readers?

Tessy: Not now

Fisidinho: You said you want to be working and schooling, do you currently have a job?

Tessy: Yea

Fisidinho: What kind of work do you do presently?

Tessy: I serve as a waitress in a restaurant.

Fisidinho: Have you had any other work before your current job

Tessy: Yes

Fisidinho: Which job is that


Tessy: House agent as a secretary
and a tutorial centre as a secretary.

Fisidinho: What are your hobbies

Tessy: Singing, cooking, travelling listen to music making new friends with impact. And also hanging out and dedicated to what ever I do

Fisidinho: What's your favourite colour?

Tessy: I have five colours, Black red, yellow, combine of colourful designs and pink. But I love black alot

Fisidinho: I see you like to make new friends and hangout with people with impact, would you love to hang out with me sometimes.

Tessy:  Hmmmm, well God knows, I won't say for now.

Fisidinho: After school what would you like to go into full time?

Tessy: modelling and acting

Fisidinho: Which course do you want to study in school?

Tessy: I will answer that next time

Fisidinho: Are you currently in a relationship?

Tessy:  It's kind of complicated right now

Fisidinho: What's your best food

Tessy: I love rice,  afang soup with Eba or semo

Fisidinho: You seem to me like someone who would love fashion a lot is this true?

Tessy: Yes I love fashion alot.

Fisidinho: if you were to pick one which of these would you rather pick, Ankara or English?

Tessy: I would go for the two, It's hard to choose one ‬because I love both

Fisidinho: Have you had any childhood sweetheart?

Tessy: Yes I did lol

Fisidinho: How was it..was it fun and loving?

Tessy: Yes it's was, though it was hard but all thanks to God for everything.

Fisidinho: Based on our interview with you I can see that you are a very hardworking lady

Tessy: Wow thanks

Fisidinho: whats the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Tessy: Nothing like family, they are the best things in my life.

Fisidinho: How do you feel sharing your personal life with our amazing readers?

Tessy: I feel great and would love to do more of it through face to face

Fisidinho: As we come to an end of this great interesting interview, it's so painful to see that we might not be able to touch every aspect of your personal life.

 But it's been fun interviewing you and so great to have  you as our next campus crush. We hope to see you move to greater heights.
Thanks for sharing your precious time with us.

Tessy: you are welcome

Fisidinho: Have a lovely day

Tessy: And you too.

See more beautiful photos below...

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