Placing A Value On You

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A lot of times i totally forget that my heart is so precious and should not be toyed with. Umpteen times i attract or find a way to get the wrong people into my life and then after a while when things turn out bad I begin to wonder why they treat me badly.
There is a saying that goes thus; "Anyone who does not place value on
you will not treat you well."

I begin to ask myself questions like; what value do i place on myself? How good do I present myself? .

A lot of times i put love one sided and let the love i have for a girl affect me badly, i see prospective signs of her not really interested yet i ignore them hoping that i should never give up on things i feel currently matter most to my life.

I don't have money, I'm still in school, I'm not working but that doesn't mean tomorrow will be the same. From what I see the future is already set and if few limitations would keep people i had given all my heart to away then i just let it go.

"Only people that know your value and worth stick with you"

I believe Love should be from both partners involved and for a relationship to survive or workout affection and devotion must be mutual. It should be a two way thing. It should be symbiotic and not parasitic.

I believe the communication line must be kept open and both lovers must make effort to reach each other as often as they can. But mine maybe in a much different perspective as i expected is of one person alone which is me. I call all the time and she never makes an effort to reciprocate even when things seems to be going bad and awkward, for a moment I thought she was playing hard to get as it is normal for a lady not to give in that easy but she spoilt everything with lack of pity and words of threat.

I thought i could find a way around this but In life i found out that you need not show a lady how much you really love her because if you do she'll place lesser value on you take you for levity and finally feel you are not man enough to be her spouse.

Most times i find it very hard to fall in love but when i do I let my brain go to bed and sometimes act stupidly. I miss the days when there was nothing on me all i did was just listen to music play games eat and sleep and maybe a little bit of reading sha.

Nowadays like i always tell my friends  I love her truly (because most now think I'm crazy) and if she ain't in my life it's gonna take superpowers to love another as much as I've loved her as I'm just gonna focus more on being successful.
The little we share maybe when it becomes memories she will see some value in it.

Before I go let me say this... ‘Fall in love with your heart but don’t let your brain go to sleep while in love, open your eyes and be sure to observe and address all negative signs’.
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