#OAU: School Resumes, Remembering Those Crazy Lecturers And Their Actions

The second semester is about to begin and students will soon be trooping into the campus like soldiers going for war, many students can't wait to resume as many also don't even wish to come back due to the stress, difficulties and also the crazy lecturer actions they've experienced last semester and the semesters before.

For me last semester was kind of fun and funny with those crazy lecturer actions i experienced, i can say this
semester is going to be "crazier" permit me to use that word.

Being a demographer in the making, i took some courses such as sociology and statistics and damn the lecturers in charge of these courses were something else.

With lecturers feeling like kings and taking tests when almost all the students of a whole department are not available all because they have a better departmental course to take than their crazy courses.

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With lecturers using P.A systems that only  20 people can hear what they are saying out of thousands of students taking the courses and trying to embarrass students who try to do other things with their time by asking them questions like "what did I say last?".
The question is how are they supposed to know?

I could also remember our statistics lecturer who angrily sent almost 80% of the students taking his course out all because of someones misbehaviour.
If he tries to find the person and he cant, he sends every body sitting in the rows and columns out all because he wants to punish and show his power by taking attendance of 10 marks.

I can also remember lecturers using half of the time meant for lectures to tell us their life history, please what is our business?

I can also remember lecturers laughing while saying things that are not funny to us and expecting us to laugh omg!

There are a lot of crazy stupid actions a lot of lecturers have done to you guys that i might not be able to share, please SHARE with our AMAZING readers in the comment section below...
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