Little Things You Do To A Lady You Love That Hurts Her Feelings

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Ladies get hurt easily even the one i love I've noticed some few things that could hurt her feelings which i intend never to do.

Ladies in a relationship with a guy get hurt more when this little awkward things happen than when still single and just only in love with the guy who
they have never said YES to.

As a guy I've made my research and i see that most times what guys do to hurt a lady's heart is something they are not even aware of. Though sometimes they do it on purpose.

So today I'll be sharing with you guys few things you do that hurts a ladies feelings you need to stop...

1. Comparing her with others: most guys do this a lot without having to know that it's bad, especially when it has to do with her appearance, body shape or hairdo. Also guys appreciate other ladies better than their partner which is very bad and sometimes completely ignore her.

2. Ignoring her: this usually happens on purpose guys you need to show a little bit of care dont ignore her while she is physically tired or emotionally down.
Don't say words out of anger and leave her with her problems all because she's too tired too please you.

3. Public Attention: Every lady loves public attention, don't hug, embrace and move with other ladies while you never even hold her hands in public.
Always laugh with her in public, make her feel she is the only one.

4. Forgetting or deliberately ignoring her special days

5. Not Interested in her interests: Most guys are not really interested in what a lady might like especially when it comes to tv programmes, don't ignore her tv programmes and watch football all day, try to give her preference to whatever she likes and join her too and encourage her to watch with you also.

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