Lessons Of David 1: Standing The Fire

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A lot of individuals have gone through many test and trials both believers and unbelievers but find it very hard to stand the fire in their life, they do not have what it takes to overcome their problems when the pressures is on and so they take to their heels and run when the trials come.

Many people are yet to understand that
as individuals we cannot be loved by everybody. Some will either hate, deceive, attack or pursue us. Some will even be as jealous as Saul that they will by all means want you dead.

Let's go back to the bible when David was annointed by prophet Samuel as the next king of Israel, we could remember that Saul tried all his best to bring David down but failed. The question now is why did king Saul FAIL?

Saul failed because he was too jealous to understand David's behaviour.
David was a man with God's wisdom, used it well and never ceased to always behave himself wisely.
When prophet Samuel anointed David as the next king of Israel he was still a mere lad and it was not until 9 years before he was moved in that position.
Throughout that 9 years, as we all know he had terrible peppered trials but he stood the fire, he knew how to overcome and solve his problems when the pressure was on.

Did you ever notice that most individuals begin to have trials when they have been blessed by God. Just like David his trials came after he was anointed. We all need to recognize this as this seems to be the pattern in which God operates.
Look at Jesus too, he was led of the spirit to be tempted by the devil after he was baptized in the Jordan river by John and the holy ghost descended on him in form of a dove.

You might be wondering how you can stand the fire and find solutions to the test and trials in your life, how you can stop taking to your heels and get intimidated easily, how you can stop backlsiding and stand firm when people begin to talk and gossip about you.

Well it's so easy just follow David's path;

1: Get God's wisdom
2: Behave yourself wisely
3: Sing praises continually
4: Allow God to the job

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