Hip Hop Vs Gospel Music: How Hip Hop Has Revolutionized Gospel Music Over Religious Beliefs

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I believe music is the beat and it's neither good or bad, i believe it can either possess good quality with good purpose or lack good quality and purpose.

I believe the beat, rhythm and melody has nothing to do with musical acceptability and palatability. I also believe music is neutral and it's the
message delivered by or gotten from the music that's either good or bad.
Music is always good but it's the way it's being used that makes it harmful or beneficial.

Christianity as a religion is gradually turning rap and hip hop music into something else.
Personally I'm a fan and lover of rap, hip hop and most especially R'n'B. I cant deny the fact that i love rap and blues which pass meaningful words and most times i do listen to love songs which pass meaningful love messages to spouses, mothers, fathers, families and even the world.

I could remember back then in pdegree when i was going to deeper life fellowship and a guy was trying to ask question and support Michael Jackson. The guy was just embarrassed though not that bad but was not allowed to voice out his opinion because all they could see was the bad things Michael Jackson had did. No one is perfect, though he might not say the name Jesus in his songs but there are so many evergreen meaningful songs he has sang either himself or with other artist.
And he never forgets to thank God when receiving an award.

The point is even the pastors are not perfect, you dont forget the good about a person and compromise a music all because some are misusing it or because of the bad things he/she has done, they are humans too.

In this article, I'm not trying to impose my personal taste on everyone or force people to like the kind of genre of music i love all I'm trying to say is i believe that any meaningful message delivered with musical rhythm is good and beneficial to the soul.

I'm going to be singling out rap and hip hop music because these are dominant genres in the world. We cannot deny the fact that most young christians today like and listen to rap, hip hop and R'n'B and sometimes listen to them because it's the kind of music that moves them.

Because there are so many meaningless secular songs doesn't mean all songs that come in form of rap and hip hop are bad. Religion has changed the mindset of people into believing this so a lot of people fail to understand that music is life, meaning and soul.

Also we've seen gospel rap revolutionizing the gospel music in the world and the question a lot of people do ask is, "is rap really a music of God", "can God use rap for his purposes?"

Personally, i believe God can use anything to get what he wants and it's not a question of what he can do because we all know he can do everything rather it's a question of what he is doing.

I understand that the bible says that I'm everything we do we should give thanks and sing praises to him at all times but that doesn't mean we can't do other things at some particular period of time.
You can't have a wife and at your romantic period, the song that comes to your mind is "take glory father" or "Amazing grace". You'll end up spoiling the romantic mood of your spouse.
Sometimes we need to speak romantic words to our spouse and it can come in a rhythmic or melodic way.

I believe any genre of music can be used to glorify God, proclaim his word and draw people to christ. An example is "Kirk Franklin", though he has been heavily criticised but for over 20 years now he has stood firm and unique, using his rap and hip hop music to praise God with different successful hits to his name.

Finally, i understand that the major problem of Christianity over rap and hip hop music is the propensity to entertainment rather than worship.
But we need to understand that anything that lacks little excitement will soon be boring.
We can't always attract unbelievers and unsaved people with the "Amazing Grace" song rather we can use the dominant genre which is the hip hop music as a bait then preach the word to hook them up to Christ.

Before i finish i'd like to say music is not a sound rather a message, music is good news that needs to be shared and sometimes you just have to share it in a unique way.

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