# FISI WEEKLY EP 8: My Nigeria And I, Why I Love It (American Vision)

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Well well well! Nigeria and it's people, Nigeria and it's problems, Nigeria and change. Many Nigerians today do not perceive the odour of change anymore most especially with the current happenings in the political world such as (corruption, bad leaders, overage President, sick President, corrupt youth and so on many just see Nigeria as a country which might never develop in ages and so the youth of nowadays believe the best thing to do is to pack their bags and baggages and find a way to travel abroad.

Many believe life is much easier abroad and so they do everything possible to leave the country. But the thing is life is not a bed of roses though some of the foreign countries people wish to go to might be very developed and attractive, just as much as it is difficult here in Nigeria so it is everywhere.

Most of the time when people hear dollars they feel like they are on their way to the moon or stars, when they see the exchange rate they'd be like wow!! So 100$ is like 35,000. That's huge!
What they don't know is that just as difficult and hard as it is to get 35,000 here in Nigeria, So it is in U.S to get a $100.

In Nigeria as a youth not born with a silver spoon, not lucky to be born into the hands of a rich politician, leader or into a very rich family, should know that life is all about hustle, If you don't hustle forget it you'll crumble.

Things might not be easy but hardwork paves the way, we still have different locations in America which are worse than some cities in Nigeria. But the goal is rising to the top.

I remember watching different celebrity stories abroad, they rose from grass to grace, from nothing to something and they never forget to put their country in their hearts, they always prayed for their country.

Someone told me that why America continually develops daily even with so much problems they have is that they never forget to say "GOD BLESS AMERICA" I see some sense in it because if majority of the people in a certain country continue to ask God for something as important as just "bless Us" different blessings come their way.

But Nigerians, we curse the country rather than pray for the country we seem tired of the corrupt leaders and therefore curse the government, the leaders and even people who are not part of the story. We cannot deny the fact that the leaders have done their worst with bad roads, poor education poor administration, poor housing and the rest, the fact still remains that if we want anything better, change has to begin from you and me.

We need to stop allowing overage Nigerians to campaign for posts they are too old for and not fit enough to handle.

We need to stop misusing little opportunities gotten an make things grow as the government cannot handle everything

We need to make our environments clean and stop misusing social amenities gotten.

We need to believe in one another...though I don't think this is really going to work as I see this present Nigeria, maybe when things begin to change sha.

With all my thoughts written with pain, I still love Nigeria very much. I've lived in Nigeria all my life, so why won't I?

I love Nigeria so much because you can get a landed property and build a house you ever wished for.

I love Nigeria so much that you can spank your brother, your mother can belt you, use "pankere" cane and omorogun to turn here head and bring back your senses Sharp Sharp.

I love Nigeria because there are little or no natural disasters.

I love Nigeria because children can't call the police on their parents just because of a little spanking.

I love Nigeria because there are always morsels such as amala, Eba readily available.

I love Nigeria because of a lot of things, i might not be able to write them but I'll leave you amazing readers with this awesome poem by nkiru asika...


I am a Nigerian.
I am one in 5 Africans.
I am one in 8 Black people, anywhere in the world.
I am a Nobel Prize Winner.
An Olympic Gold Medalist.
A Grammy Award Winner.
A Soccer Champion.
A Prince of the Vatican.
An Oscar Nominee.
A Giant of Literature.
A Distinguished Scientist.
A Musical Icon.
My roots lie in the dusty Sahel of the North; in the rich rain forests of the East;
in the Savannah plains of the West; in the oil-filled swamps of the Delta;
in the warmth of our villages and the vibrance of our cities.
My strength flows from the waters of the Niger and the Benue.
My joy springs from the rush of Gurara Falls and the natural wonders of Yankari.
Nigeria is my rock.
Nigeria is my hope.
Nigeria is my home.
I am the voice of two hundred tribes, speaking three hundred languages.
I am the dance of the circle of life.

I am the laughter of the world’s happiest people.
I am nourished by the crop of the soil, fed by the bounty of the rivers.
I am your neighbor.
I am your friend.
I am a warrior, priest, king.
I am a mother, teacher, queen.
I am my brother’s keeper.
I am a sage from an ancient civilization.
I am a child in the youngest nation on earth.
I am the beauty,
I am the sound,
I am the vision,
I am the spirit,
I am the passion,
I am the soul of a Continent.
I am a Nigerian.
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