Detailed Reasons Why Legendary Artiste Tuface (2Baba) Is The King Of Music In Nigeria

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Here are the Detailed Reasons why 2Baba is the king of music in Nigeria...

The Nigerian music industry is a genuinely wide and continually growing one. We have seen gifts travel every which way, sounds have changed, and our music is one of only a handful couple of things that keep us joined as a people. Music props you up, and Nigerian music surely do cheers us up.

With regards to our artists, we must be
appreciative. We have had our hearts softened with the voices of lovely talents; we have moved our feet to shortcoming, to the beat of stylish tunes, and through every one of these things, big names have been conceived.

While each performer has his or her own particular concentration, and has achieved his or her own particular level of accomplishment, some have recently stretched it as far as possible. One of such individuals is the veteran artiste, Tuface Idibia, who we now call 2Baba. Some of his melodies have stood out forever as evergreen tunes and by one means or another, most importantly chances, despite everything he keeps on developing and flourish in the wide business. While we would all be able to concur that he now has a couple of extreme contenders for the position of royalty of Nigeria's music pioneer – one of such being Wizkid, here are a few reasons 2Baba may very well still claim the title for the present.


No one can almost contend this. 2Baba has been predictable stunning. Since his days as a component of the Plantashun Boiz, to his initial days in music, this man has been steady. Consider it – he released the evergreen and award winning track African Queen as far back as 2004.

A considerable measure of alternate specialists that were mainstream in those days, have totally blurred into insensibility today. Who knows what number of new acts in the business would have the capacity to construct this same reputation.


Nigerian music of today has been trivialized. We hear similar sorts of tunes every day and it is intensifying at a disturbing rate. Artists now just sing about sex, cash, liquor, or far more atrocious things.

In any case, not 2Baba. Notwithstanding when he needs to get somewhat fun loving with his music, you would not get him forget about substance. His substance is spotless, it is great, and just truly couple of craftsmen today can brag of that.


How can he stay pertinent to the business after these numerous years? It is not news that a couple of artists that were around when he initially began, have attempted to obtain entrance once again into the business.

Be that as it may, it simply doesn't work. Why? Since they are truly no longer applicable to the business. It has developed and they didn't develop with it. 2Baba still stays pertinent and his tunes are as yet making waves till today.

He's Legendary 

Regardless of how much a craftsman wins more than Fela, despite everything he can't be viewed as superior to Fela. This is on account of Fela was, and would keep on being a Legend – in any condition. This is the manner by which 2Baba is.

History has effectively stamped 2Baba for incalculable reasons and he is a veteran in the business for considerably more reasons. His melodies are ageless and they would stand out forever as a portion of the best things to leave the whole continent.
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