Sickle Cell Disease: My Journey And Life Experiences (A True Life Story)

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My Journey and life experiences through sickle cell disease became relieving as I gained more knowledge
understanding more about the various causes, reasons and outcomes of the disease.

My Early Years.

My early years were one of the most interesting part of my life, I never really
fell sick and i could count the number of times i visited the hospital.

At the early stages of my life, according to the doctor I was said to be a carrier of the disease with the GENOTYPE AS. many might not know we have only 3 genotypes which is AA AS and SS. And the only disturbing illness I could remember was just typhoid and sometimes malaria.

I was actually a football freak, I could play it from morning till night withouth anything happening and i just found joy in putting the ball at the back of the net until sudden changes began to occur, i started having frequent body pains, painkillers seemed to stop working, no one could tell what was actually wrong, until I finally landed in the hospital with bone pains right from the legs to every part of the body.

My Pains And Tough Times.

These tough times came when i was about 15years currently in senior secondary school one (SSS1) then. I always had a lot of pains but thank God for painkillers which always reduces the pain. Most people who don't feel pains like I do never really understand how it feels when crisis begins. The pains I usually had were extremely severe especially when it elevates from stomach upsets to bone pains. Sometimes when the pain occur I feel like giving up the ghost. 

Back in school, I was part of the school team, though I never really had big muscles and strength to catch up with the big guys I still found a way to be part of the team as i could perform Magic with the ball but i never really enjoyed playing because most times the teachers were scared of me falling sick after the match.

Finally! Football was over my parents had told the school authorities never to allow me kick a plastic talk less of a ball after I had serious leg pains which landed me in the hospital.

From secondary school to higher institution, this brutal disease was a thorn in my neck and this particular time seemed to be my worst nightmare.

My Worst Nightmares

Missing classes, test and exams were the other of the day, I could fall sick for over a week or two and most times all I could take was just fluid and no food. Mum always worried so much because she felt it was becoming too much as i never really slept well at night hoping for a miraculous relieve of the pain.

There was a time I had to write exams unprepared with swollen faces while still receiving treatment, every of my mates who saw me at the exam hall wondered what could have happened as I received words of encouragement from them after the exam. My sickness can't be hidden, it will always show in my face no matter how hard I try once I breakdown you will surely see me more lean than normal especially when shit happens and people begin to look at me as if I had a plague or something, many do not believe sicklers could also fall Ill rather than having crisis and so it made me more reserved because  to everyone it had to be crisis.

How I Survived without Any Blood Transfusion.

Surviving such an emotional distress without a blood transfusion, (not one that I can remember) was just unexplainable. Though I broke a lot of rules because I still wanted to feel among and enjoy life the I way I used to but my knowledge began to change things for the better as I understood more about life and what was happening. I began to know the basic things that could trigger my crisis and things to do to prevent them easily.
Stress, cold and lack of lot of water were the major causes of my crisis and as soon as I knew change began.

How I Survived Till Date

1: obedience - obedience they say is the best way to success in life, obeying the rules given keeps me crisis free

2: Regular use of drugs -

3: Regular intake of lots of water - Drinking lots of water is also as important as anything, it helps to control sickling of the blood and allows the blood to flow properly to various parts of the body

4: Support from friends and family
I’ve been enjoying my life with support  From close friends for some years now with little or no crisis due to school stress but you know Family is everything, they have always been there for me as friends also became family, they made sure I was always happy which helped to boost my physical wellness.

5: self care love and believe - This is one of the important things that helped change how I relate with people and voice out my opinions.

6: Good Food - Though I don't eat that much but eating regular balance diet keeps one healthy.

7: Avoiding Crisis Triggers - I always make sure I stay far away from things which could cause a whole lot of problems and trigger my crisis.

Though I can't really runaway from school stress, I make sure I do things easily and gently and also i make sure I keep myself warm, and keep myself away from any cold weather or air from an air conditioner.

Maintaining a good physical well being is of great importance and knowing that I'm loved by the people who Matter most to me and most of all me loving myself made me committed to staying #SickleStrong. I always know I'm unique and i love being unique - you know a special kind of uniqueness!

Love y'all...#wink
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