Meet Our Campus Crush For The Week 2/8/17: The Pretty Gift Agu

So the campus crush of the week is back and better and right now just like before we have brought you an intelligent pretty lady, who just won the just concluded New Man Writing Contest.

This is her second interview with us and it's really a pleasure having her on our blog for the second time.

We hope you enjoy this great interview as we bring you beautiful pictures of her and details about her personal life. Read below...

Fisidinho: Can you please introduce yourself again to our readers?
Agu Gift: Alright. My name is Agu Gift Ihuoma and I am from Isukwuato in Abia State.

Fisidinho: it's our second interview with you Can you please tell us how you felt when we told you we'd like to make you our campus crush of the week

Agu Gift: Well, I felt honored once again. Since it would be the second time of me appearing in your blog, I felt and still feel honoured

Fisidinho: Alright so we know you are still an aspirant we'd like you to tell our readers the name of your dream school

Agu Gift: dream school is University Of Port Harcourt.

Fisidinho: Wow! That's great

Agu Gift: Thank you

Fisidinho: Do you have a nickname

Agu Gift: *laughing* no, I don't. At least not anymore.

Fisidinho: Lols...if its okay for you can you tell us the one you had before?

Agu Gift: Lols...I really can't, it was funny so I had to discard it.

Fisidinho: Aww! It would be a lot of fun to our readers, so Insist, let's have it.

Agu Gift: Uhmm...I really can't please.

Fisidinho: Alright...

Agu Gift: Yea...thanks

Fisidinho: Do you love sports

Agu Gift: Lols...I loved sports before. Running actually, but it was a long time ago. I can't even run anymore.

Fisidinho: With this your looks, do you think a lot of people will believe that

Agu Gift: do you mean?

Fisidinho: You look athletic...

Fisidinho: So based on your looks do you think a lot of people will believe that you can't run

Agu Gift: Lol...I don't believe I look athletic but that's the truth, I can't run anymore.

Fisidinho: Okay, so can you cook?

Agu Gift: *laughing* of course i can.

Fisidinho: Seems you like laughing a lot, anyways whats your best food and what's one food you love to cook the most

Agu Gift: Well my best food is Egusi soup and I really love cooking Beans Porridge.

Fisidinho: Hmmm feeling hungry 🤗 lols, that's nice

Agu Gift: Lols...yea

Fisidinho: You seem to me like someone who loves fashion, Is this true

Agu Gift: Well everyone loves to look good and I happen to be one of I think that's Kinda a yes

Fisidinho: Great! What's your best colour

Agu Gift: Blue

Fisidinho: Okay...presently what's your relationship status?

Agu Gift: Uhmm...ah m not married

Fisidinho: So since you are not married are you single or in a relationship

Agu Gift: Well, I'm in a relationship

Fisidinho: Hmmm...

Fisidinho: That's good to hear

Agu Gift: Thanks

Fisidinho: When did you start dating

Agu Gift: Two years ago. That was when I started dating

Fisidinho: Have you ever had a childhood sweetheart

Agu Gift: Childhood sweetheart?... Nope, I find that boring

Fisidinho: Alright as a kid what was your dream profession?

Agu Gift: Lols...thinking bk, they were pretty much. I once wanted to be a teacher, then a soldier, then a doctor.

Fisidinho: To you, what do you think is more important in a relationship. Love, money, trust and sex?

Agu Gift: Trust is surely the most important

Fisidinho: Yeah...whats the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Agu Gift: Uhmm...meeting my best friend.

Fisidinho: Male or female

Agu Gift: Male

Fisidinho: if you were to pick one which of these would you rather pick, Ankara or English?

Agu Gift: English of course

Fisidinho: How do you feel sharing your personal life with our amazing readers

Agu Gift: It depends on the aspect.

Fisidinho: All aspect we've touched in this interview

Agu Gift: I feel great sharing all these and it surely feels good knowing that somebody somewhere is gonna read it

Fisidinho: Wow! thats lovely

Agu Gift: Yep...thanks

Fisidinho: As we come to an end of this great interesting interview, it's so painful to see that we might not be able to touch every aspect of your personal life but we have two questions left for you.

Fisidinho: What is one thing you think we should change about this blog?

Agu Gift: I've not noticed anything that needs changing. The blog is okay as it is.

Fisidinho: Okay...

Agu Gift: Yes

Fisidinho: In just few lines, Tell our readers what you love about this blog?

Agu Gift: I love the fact that this blog gives young people the chance to express and motivate themselves.

Fisidinho: Wow that's awesome! Thanks for sharing your time with us it's been fun all the way and it's so sad to see this interview come to an end, we hope to see you win big and move to greater heights.

Agu Gift: Thanks so so much...I appreciate.

See more of her beautiful photos below

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  1. I have known gift for some years now and she a very wonderful talented young lady. She inspires me because she has a dream and she is achieving it already.. For me I see this as a little tiny bit of what
    God has planned for her.. More are coming.. Keep it up dear..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. aww...thanks so much

  4. Victor Akobundu3 August 2017 at 13:02

    Enter your comment...if am let to my choice, my comments will form a website. well Gift as a young lady is really fascinating and indelibly outstanding when it comes to wrifing , really tank God for such gift given to Gift. kudos to her and really assuring her our supports in any way.


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