How To Satisfy And Meet The Needs Of Your (Boo Or Bae) Lover.

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Meeting the needs of our lovers or partners is something many people don't really know how to do.

Many a people dont know the greatest needs of their bae or boo and so they make mistakes that causes a whole lot of misunderstanding until the relationship ends up in a disaster.

You see the greatest needs of a woman are
time and attention. You spend time with her and you give her attention. She interprets that as caring for her. Many men have interpreted the greatest needs of women to money, they think having all the money in the world is all they need to make a relationship work which is not true. Withouth care a relationship cannot be fruitful.

Also, the greatest needs of a man are sex and respect! It's just normal for a matured guy, no matter how holy or how filled you are with the spirit it's just a natural thing. As humans, mens urge for sex is always one of their greatest needs.  Now let’s look at these nitty-gritty.

How to meet the needs of a lady as singles while dating or in courtship?
Seeing your partner or lover regularly is one of the major things that keeps a relationship going and intact.

If you are in the same university around the same community, it’s so easy. Schedule time to see each other regularly. Seeing one another regularly   should be natural because when you are in love, you will want to see her always. Also If you are in a long distance relationship, constant communication should go on.

However, the goal of seeing each other should not be misplaced. You don't want to end up getting married to a stranger, so the major goal for
seeing each other is to get to know him or her the more, to align your souls, to communicate and plan for the future.

Note: The goal is not to align your bodies! Your bodies are meant to be reserved till marriage. If you tamper with that then the purpose of courtship is defeated. Sooner or later the relationship begins to shake, Confusion will enter the soul and seeds of mistrust will be planted.

Note: 95% of people that have sex during courtship or dating end their relationship in disaster.
Therefore, Meet the needs of your lady by quality discussions, planning for the future, taking her out, looking at temperamental differences and no more!

Ladies, how to meet the needs of a single guy?
Like I said earlier, one of the major needs of a man is sex. Therefore most times when he is with you he feels like taking you to bed, whether he is an unbeliever or a Holy Ghost filled, demon casting, fire spitting believer.

Sexual feelings is a legitimate need, which must not be met in illegitimate ways. You are not supposed to meet his needs on that level, until marriage.

So you control yourselves. Plan for the future well and get married before sex. Always make him know he's the only one in your life,  appreciate his efforts, make him happy. But remember he is the one looking for a wife if he truly loves you, he will wait till marriage.

Note: You wait. You don’t want to disobey God and then lose your peace, lose the lady and then lose God’s favour, It is not worth it.

Married Couples: How to meet each others needs.
I'm not a married man so i don't really have a personal experience but based on families, movies I can categorically say that any married couple who intend to meet the needs of one another should not allow busy schedules such as work, to be a major barrier, as a Man,  YOU MUST spend time with Your Wife and give her attention!

Also do not fight;
incessant quarrels will drain you emotionally and will eventually take a toll on your finances. According to KHC It is not your career first, it is God first, your family second and lastly your ministry, work or career. When this order is flouted, consequences will set in.

Satisfy His Sexual Urge; When Married, need for sex becomes valid. Even the scripture says so. therefore, if you don’t meet that need, he sees you as disrespectful. He might look for it somewhere else if he doesn't really fear God

Note: One of the ways you protect your husband is never to deny him!

Hope you enjoyed this, express your thoughts below...

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