6 Things Guys Do That Makes Them Fail To Win A Ladies Heart

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Another experience in written, writing now gives me joy, it serves as a source of pleasure and I'm killing it or what do you think?

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you guys outdated actions you take and bad things you do to get a lady you desire and what ladies really think about those actions

Based on my little experience, most ladies like to find answers to what's going on in their mind they love to talk, gossip and gist about guys the same we guys do about them.

Nowadays things have changed a lot, the past is currently not like the present, things that amazed and captivated women's heart back then don't seem to work anymore in this 21st century. Many guys still make this big mistakes and all sort of unimaginable things just to win a girls heart and in the end they end up losing them.

Here are few things I've found out guys do to win a ladies heart that don't work anymore.

1:Sending Too Many Love Text Messages: Nowadays, a beautiful lady will always have a lot of guy running after her and 90% of the guys will always send her love messages. In their mind they feel they are winning her heart little by little but in the ladies eyes she sees most of the texts as irrelevant because she has a lot of texts to read. Ladies usually appreciate more, the text messages of their partners (especially when the relationship is really working well), than someone still trying to woo them. if you are still on the verge don't send too much of text rather call or else she will end up using you as a laughing stock with her friends.

2: Being Fake: Most guys nowadays are not really opened, they pretend so much and end up losing the girl they desire. If you ain't rich never pretend as one, "ororo no be crude oil, monkey yato si chimpanzee" Don't borrow or live a game fake life to impress a lady, don't pretend to be in a class you're not, let her like and love you for who you are.

3: Being Sex Desperate: presently Young ladies don't want guys that ask for sex sooner than expected. The more educated ones who are satisfied with the little they have don't even want it all. All they want is attention and care, most guys don't even want to understand that sex should come after marriage with lots of them knowing various drugs to stop pregnancies and usage of condoms, they all want to have few minutes of pleasure  (sex) And then find another. That is why ladies find it hard to believe a guys words especially when she has been heartbroken before.

4. Writing Words That Make People Think She's Yours On Social Media: Guys need to really take time and control themselves, never write words on Facebook or Instagram making people feel a lady who is not your fiancee or girlfriend yours on social media. She immediately feels and think you are a liar and takes you out of the way instantly.

5. Using Her Photo As Your Dp Unnoticed: Never use a ladies photo as your display picture unnoticed unless there is a certain event going on such as birthdays, weddings e.t.c
 if you do so unnoticed she thinks you are trying to send other guys away from her, she feels unhappy about it your chances become slimmer and if you overdo things thats the end, you are out of the picture because n her mind you become a liar especially when you write a status describing her as your girlfriend.

6. Don't Pressurise A Lady Or Force Her: ladies do not like being pressurised don't force her into doing things she does not want to do because at the end, you end up Losing her. Note: 90% of relationships like this never last long.
Never force a lady into a realationship.

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