Wow! It's Official, Pepsi 50cl (Plastic Bottle) Now N100 - Details

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Wow! it's finally official, the Pepsi 50cl plastic bottle is currently back at N100!

Pepsi has recently made it official with the take off of a new campaign Now called "No shakin' Carry go, that
components the Pepsi 50cl plastic bottle now back at N100.

The #NoShakinCarrygo hashtag trended yesterday crosswise over web-based social networking media with images and tweets driving hypotheses and today we can securely say it is currently official and we would all be able to appreciate the Pepsi 50cl plastic bottle at the cool cost of N100 particularly as of now when the economy is intense and costs are going up regular. Pepsi came through and this is genuinely great!

So there you have it, at whatever point you require your cool refreshment, NO SHAKIN' CARRY GO with your Pepsi 50cl plastic bottle  (pet Pepsi) is presently back @N100 so a large number of Nigerians can enjoy themselves and appreciate the price reduction.
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