Why You Need To Stop Dating Your Course Mate

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So today was a stressful day, had classes and couldn't find my charger had to rush home after class and on my way home I heard some students in the "town gboro" bus making jest of their friend because he argued and said this... "I'm in 400 level I can't Date An 100 Level Student".

It was so funny and I thought of it, does this statement even make sense, how
can someone say a statement like this. Therefore, I went ahead to make a research and i began to think.

While thinking i remembered back in secondary school where most of my friends dated someone (their Crush) in class, though i haven't experienced one myself but from basically what I've seen from my friends part, i can give some reasons why you should never date your course mate and you have actually dated your crush back then, you should be able to understand what I'll be trying to say.

One would argue that things change as you grow but no, they don’t. In fact, the standards get higher, so high that the individual has to work twice as much to be him/herself.

So to cut my long story short I'll be giving you guys five reasons why you should never date your course mate.

1. You Begin To Loose Help From Others Who Like You: Any help you could have gotten from those who liked you becomes a thing of the past. This particularly applies to girls. Often than not, guys help girls out and unconsciously, the reason is to score points. However, knowing that you are taken in the class means that he is going to start seeing you as a buddy. Everyone gets to know you are taken and those who could have helped you with assignments etc turn to somewhere else.

2. Your business becomes everyone’s business. One moment someone is gossiping about you to him/her and another moment, someone is mocking you two. There will be no breathing space for you two; particularly if it is a class like a nursing or medicine, where everyone is in the same class for the whole day.

3. You try to perfect your every move because of him/her. Your shudder, attitude and attentiveness in class become a checkpoint. There is not going to be a moment where you won’t have to stay alert. This puts a lot of stress on you. No matter how comfortable you get with your partner, the perfection when he/she is around is inevitable. It may not be acting in a perfect manner but acting in the ‘perfect’ way she/he knows you to be.

4. Breaking Up With Your Partner:
This is one of the most painful aspect especially when you have spent and done a lot for him or her.  Seeing him or her everyday and knowing very well it is over is going to be irritating.

5. It Can Cause Depression:  You think the break up is worse? Wait till he/she starts dating another person, another course-mate, maybe. You might have to deal with the most depressing moments in your life in class. This is particularly noticed when he/she acts so happy with this new person.

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