#OAU: Thief Caught Right In The Act, Stealing 3 Phones In Angola (Photo)

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A young fellow known as Udoh was caught today 26th July 2017, around 5am in Angola lobby of living arrangement for taking.

Udoh,who is an extra year student of Estate management was caught red handed  (right in the act) when he went
into a room in Angola around 5am in the morning with a student who is likewise an inhabitant of the room.

As indicated by the student, he said that he met Udoh endeavoring to escape after he had stolen three telephones from the room , in the interim, he was later captured around Anglomoz

Despite the fact that, with all due respect, he claimed that he wanted to use the toilet and he was attempting to make use of the room's pail, in any case, his words were opposing.

By and by, the suspect is being remanded in Angola pending his moderation time.
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1 comment

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