#OAU: The Bursar, Aderonke Akeredolu Granted N50M Bail, Is This Not Too Much?

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Aderonke Akeredolu the "Bursar" while the ex acting VC professor Anthony Elujoba was still in office has also been granted bail.

We all know that the Bursar and the ex acting VC were both on a court trial
over an alleged seven count charge ranging from alleged stealing, intent to steal, and misappropriation of funds to abuse of office.

But now that the two defendants have been granted bail, why should there be
a biased ruling on the bail decision made.

We all know the bursar will take orders from the VC and she will do according to the will of the acting vc, so why should there be a biased ruling.

How can the ex acting VC, Professor Elujoba be released based on self recognizance while the Bursar be granted a N50M bail.

From all I can see, this has been a biased decision made by the judge since the case has only just being adjourned to October 27, 2017.

N50M is a huge money and i hope something is done about this or what do you think?
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