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The Search For An Exemplary Campus Beauty Queen.

Women empowerment and the total liberation of the female child has become extremely paramount in our society.
There is an urgent need to help the girl child stand firm against sexual harassment, abuse, female genital
mutilation etc and it's resultant effects on the female child.

MBGC is  not just a pageantry or just another opportunity to get beautiful young ladies on stage, rather it is a search for a beauty queen who will  through her intelligence, beauty and soundness show the world the real importance of a woman.
   It is a search for a role model for the younger generation and an example to her peers.

MBGC is particularly interested in grooming a young lady to stand for others in protecting the right and image of others.  It is creating a representative that can go into different areas/communities to educate others and to make the entire community know that there's more to every female than her face or body. It is creating a queen that will speak against vices against women.

   In summary, MBGC is all about redefining the concept of "beauty".

It is an event that will be totally entertaining as well as educative and is intended to cut across different universities in the country.

  The idea is not to raise a queen but rather it is to raise a new generation of queens that will birth a new era in the fight for the female child.

It will be a platform where the beauty, charisma, grace, style, selflessness and brains will align.

MBGC is happening in different Nigerian Universities [South West Zone] and Grand Finale holding in Lagos!

Note: Updated information will be made available in due times.

Brought to you by HOTINC Nigeria.
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