First 5 Of The 50 Places To Do Unholy Things In OAU

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So we will be sharing with you guys 5 out of the 50 unholy places in OAU today as we will be sharing those unholy places weekly.

So for those of you that have been expecting this post for quite  a while, we are very sorry for not posting it earlier. We hope this 5 unholy places will be
what you expected.


Oduduwa is one of the hottest places on campus where most unholy things do happen on campus and that's why it's on our number one spot on the first five places we will be sharing with you guys today.


On our number 2 spot is the sport complex, there are various places in sport complex where unholy things can be done, we will not be discussing any place with you guys but you can go  there, see for yourself and choose the best place or position that suits you.


I hope you guys are enjoying those places we've been telling you about, on our third spot is the pit theatre majority of you guys should know the pit theatre where current movies are being watched. It's also one of the baddest places where unholy things are being done


Hmmm... Agric! Agric! Agric! You might be wondering why I am typing it three times, this is also a very bad place especially at night with a lot of places to choose, it might be so difficult to select the best place that will be good for you because every place you see will just be like the best.

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5. SUB
So the last one for this week is SUB, many might say unholy things have really reduced there but if you can really get your position, you might not be able to do the whole unholy things you might want to do but at least you guys will still enjoy yourselves.

So its a wrap for this week, we will be bringing you our next 5 unholy places to you guys next week Sunday, stay expectant.

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