Exclusive Interview: Meet Miss Abayomi Adeola, A 200 Level OAU Law Student And An Entrepreneur

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Yes! It's another exclusive interview and this time it's with Miss Abayomi Adeola Tolulope, a 200 level law student, an entrepreneur and one of the top bloggers on campus.

Read below...

Fisidinho: So can we meet you

Della: I'm Abayomi Adeola Tolulope, a Part 2 student of the Faculty of Law.

Fisidinho: Oh wow that's great, you are becoming a future barrister

Della: Lol. Yeah right.

Fisidinho: I heard there are several aspects of law, which one did you decide to study

Della: Well, literally, there are but we're not allowed to choose until after law school when we go specifically to our area of interest.
I'd preferable go for Human Rights.

Fisidinho: Okay that's great,  so what's your state of origin

Della: I hail from Osun State

Fisidinho: Do you have sisters and brothers, if yes how many are you guys in your family

Della: I'm from a family of 6.
My mother, My father my three pretty sisters and I.

Fisidinho: Are you a christian/Muslim.

Della: I'm a Christian

Fisidinho: Nice, so do you have a nickname? If yes let us know.

Della: Della

Fisidinho: We heard you are part of a few associations on campus, if yes you can name a few

Della: Alternative Dispute Resolution
Women For social change and Development
The New Man Movement
The Dellasdiary Movement

Fisidinho: Also how has your blog been doing

Della: Well, fine fine. Thought sometimes it could turn up challenging, network issues, loads of work to do and then hindering you from writing, things like that. But all the same, glory to God.

Fisidinho: Your blog has really been inspiring, even i can testify to that, what brought about the idea of della's diary.

Della: Well well well, I was trying out a few things at a Cafe with the internet service there and I stumbled upon someone's blog. I loved it and thought I could have mine where I could gather my daily thoughts and all.
And it was even ever before I heard of Jenifas Diary sef.

Fisidinho: Alright, So are you single?

Della: Yes I am.

Fisidinho: Do you have any other thing you do apart from blogging?

Della: Enterpreneurship plus I hold posts in two or three associations. I'm presently learning photography tho.

Fisidinho: What are you scared of

Della: I'm scared of not fulfilling God's purpose

Fisidinho: What was the favourite book you loved most as a child?

Della: I wasn't a book freak tho but I loved "Without a silver spoon".

Fisidinho: If you were to travel around the world which 3 places would you like to go

Della: India, Korea and Britain.

Fisidinho: Whats your best food

Della: Beans. Its a mutual something.
Fisidinho: In the next 5-10yrs what are you scared of not achieving.

Della: Hmm. Touching hearts through charity. Getting testimonies from people. I'd hate myself for not touching lives.

Fisidinho: What was your dream right from childhood

Della: To be THE VOICE for the faint.

Fisidinho: Did you actually wanted to study law or you wanted something else

Della: It was law, all the way!

Fisidinho: Describe yourself in one word

Della: Unique

Fisidinho: What would you like to say to our blog readers, reading this

Della: In whatever situation you find yourself, giving up can never be an option. The orphan in that Orphanage home can do better than you but is only restrained. Why not make your freedom useful? Start with the little you have. No idea is crazy. Live for a purpose. Never make excuses but rather, give results.

Fisidinho: Wow! Thanks for sharing your time with us it's been great fun, God bless

Della: The pleasure is mine
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