EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Meet The 2017 Winner Of The New Man Writing Contest - 'AGU GIFT'

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Yes! It's an exclusive interview with the winner of the 2017 "New Man Writing Contest" (NMWC). For those that haven't heard about the NMWC, the new man writing contest is a yearly prose contest which is basically for secondary students.

The NMWC is currently in her second year and we will be sharing with you guys few details on how Gift Agu, contested, won and a little bit about her. We will bringing you more personal details about her on our exclusive campus crush of the week interview.

So if you want to know a little about her read below...

Fisidinho: So... Good evening please can we meet you?

Agu Gift: Good evening, my name is Agu Gift Ihuoma

Fisidinho: Alright, so are you still a student? If yes which school

Agu Gift: Yes I am, I am an Aspirant of Uniport

Fisidinho: Wow you are still an aspirant, which course do you want to study?

Agu Gift: Nursing

Fisidinho: That's great

Agu Gift: Thanks

Fisidinho: Where are you from?

Agu Gift: From Isukwuato in Abia State

Fisidinho: So being the winner of the just concluded 2017 New Man Writing Contest (NMWC) how did you feel?

Agu Gift : I felt and still feel honoured. New Man is a great organization, so when I was announced winner, I was really honored.

Fisidinho: How did you hear about  the NMWC

Agu Gift: I heard about it from a friend.

Fisidinho: What inspired you to register and be part of the contestants

Agu Gift: I've always been the type of person who likes to try. When I saw the contest, I decided that I must be a participant. It was more of determination than inspiration

Fisidinho: How old are you?

Agu Gift: I'm 19

Fisidinho: Did you ever think of becoming the winner seeing all those who participated

Agu Gift: I must admit, the number of participants were discouraging but I was hopeful.

Fisidinho: So have you ever participated in any other competition apart from the NMWC

Agu Gift: Yes I have

Fisidinho: Can you please name a few?

Agu Gift: I participated in Evergreen Writing Contest, Tendai Mnwanaka's writing contest and a few others

Fisidinho: Wow! So you've been a writer for quite a while, Is writing your hobby?

Agu Gift: Yes I've been writing for quite a while and writing is more than a hobby to me.

Fisidinho: Alright, We are really happy to see you win the NMWC and we will like you to be the face of the month for our blog what do you say?

Agu Gift: Thank you, It would be a pleasure

Fisidinho: Alright so based on your experience in the NMWC what would you like to say to the people  reading this or interested in participating in next year's competition

Agu Gift: I would like to say that in everything just try to be determined, you'll never know what and where your determination can get you. Then secondly I want to tell those participating in the next year's competition to keep being optimistic and always put in more than your best in all you do.

Fisidinho: Wow that's great!
Thanks for sharing your time with us it's been wonderful having this great interview with you, God bless!

Agu Gift: you're welcome

So that's it, if you still want to know more about AGU GIFT, we'll be bringing you more beautiful pictures and personal details about her on our campus crush of the week page, you can check other beautiful campus crushes HERE.

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