UN Calls For Togetherness As Northern Youths Threatens Igbos To Vacate Within 3 Months

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The United Nation (UN) has called for tolerance and togetherness in northern Nigeria after the coalition of “Northern Youths” gave the Igbos three months ultimatum to vacate their territory.

The Igbos were ordered to leave the region on or before October 1, 2017.

In what was named the "Kaduna Declaration," the coalition cautioned all Igbos living in the north to leave the
locale in three months, expressing that on the first of October – Nigeria's Independence Day – "significant moves" including the recovery and control "of these landed assets at present claimed, leased or in any capacity delighted in by the thankless rascal Igbos in any piece of Northern Nigeria" will be made.

In an announcement discharged by Edward Kallon, the UN Resident Coordinator in Nigeria, the UN called for resistance and a soul of harmony in straightforwardness to address the worries of the considerable number of subjects in a serene way.

He additionally communicated his fulfillment on how the nation's pioneers completely censured the demonstration.

He asked social pioneers, security organizations and other government agents to all have their influence in directing the adolescents to settle their disparities agreeably.
“We have to work together to resolve peacefully any concern that different groups in the country may have. Nigeria is a great country with immense potential to build the welfare of its population and lead Africa in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

This can only be achieved in an atmosphere of the rule of law and peace where all citizens live happily irrespective of their ethnic or religious backgrounds.

I commend the Federal and State Governments, youth and civil society leaders, security agencies, cultural and religious leaders for their efforts to promote peace in the country.

I am also heartened by the reactions of leaders from all over the country condemning this ultimatum.

UN calls for tolerance and a spirit of togetherness in transparency to address the concerns of all the citizens in a peaceful manner.

The UN is ready to continue supporting Nigeria to build an enduring democracy in peace, prosperity and respect for diversity,” Kallon said.

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