The Truth Behind OAU Student Union President Dr.Ibk's 2.9M Bus Scandal

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Mr "Edward Ibikun" Dr.Ibk

Awo boys are angry, the whole student union committee are in great pain to see that the president of the student union Mr "Edward Ibikun" popularly known as Dr.Ibk could play them in such a way all because of money.

Dr.Ibk was said to have allegedly bought a fairly used bus popularly known as Tokunbo amounting to the tune of ₦3M.

Immediately AWO boys (students that stay at awolowo hall hostel) saw the
rickety bus the president claimed to have bought for ₦3M they were left in shambles and started calling for investigations on the price the bus was really worth.

A receipt of the bus was released which the president denied by releasing a statement on June 20  claiming he never released the price at which the bus was bought. The financial secretary, Omisakin on the other hand made known that ₦2.9M was used for the purchase of the bus and part of the balance of ₦100,000 was used for painting of the bus.
The Reciept

After investigations were made the students found out that the bus could only have been bought for #800,000 at most.

Students are still very angry over Dr.Ibk's actions after he was still showing his ego
Speaking with an honourable who prefers to remain anonymous, he said the buying of the bus is a welcomed idea but given the circumstances and procedures by which the bus was procured, one can ascertain there are several unclear details about the purchase of the bus

“A lot of people in the defence of the president says there was no B&F committee to scrutinise the budget but we had the house, parliamentarians at disposal, as the president of a union you can’t just take decisions without following due process. That’s one side. Another side to the issue is that the president purchased a bus and refused to relay the details of the purchase until students started raising concerns. when he finally did, he asked student to go find out the price of the bus before he tells us how much the bus was bought that’s rubbish.” He said.

When asked if he had issues with the amount the bus was bought he said, “I don’t have much problem with the price, one might argue that they were ignorant of the prices of vehicles but if they had pass through the SRC all these excess would have been put to check. I just hope the house can come strongly together bring forth good fruits.”
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