#Women'sDiary Epp 7: 4 Great Qualities Every Lady Must Look Out For In Their Lover

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Early this morning as I woke up, still in my bed, I began to think it's been over a week since I posted another Episiode on women's diary. So i began to wonder what i could write in this new episode.

After so much thinking, I finally got some important words to deliver. These words are not premeditated, so I really want you to take note because these words are meant for someone.

I am writing to you this morning just as a father would like to advise his daughter on qualities to watch out for in deciding who to get married to.

: There is a common saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I think that's true because in reality nobody is ugly, it all depends on how it looks like In the eyes of the beholder, your lover may not be pleasant to all, but he or she must be pleasant to you. That is all that matters.

Attraction is also of utmost importance. Your spouse should be pleasant to your eyes.
Get married to someone that you are attracted to don't be forced into marriage or marry someone you hate because of his money, if you do the end will be very bad, after wedding you will start pleading the blood of Jesus against him or waking up with a hiss and regret instead of singing and dancing with your new spouse.
So, this is very important, okay.

You see you need to know that the "Outer beauty without inner character is a disaster".
After the outer beauty, you must take into cognizance the inner beauty.
Love is not stupid. Love doesn't maje you an idiot. Think. Ask questions. Don't just allow any man enter into your life without knowing fully well his character, don't just walk blindly into a marriage that could mar destinies for life.

Just like the bible also said;
"The flesh of my flesh", that talks about outer beauty.
"The bone of my bones", this deals with character.
Character is simply the inner frame supporting and holding the outer beauty in place.
So you need to check closely has he ever slapped you once? You need to be careful.
Will he raise his hands to beat you when he is angry? I don't think he is qualified.

He has shown you sample of his true character, what is to come When you both get hooked up. Watch out very well don't marry now and start asking for divorce in the next 6 months.
Note: Be Careful!


Putrefaction must not set in as a result of iniquity and pre-marital affairs! If he is the type that loves to engage in premarital affairs, beware! Lest you're dealing with a strange man.

As a female, do not soil your bed with iniquity, because if you do wrong seeds have been sown.
Remember as you lay your bed so you lie on it. Therefore put it in mind that
everything you do before your wedding night is a seed, a foundation for your marriage.

So ladies as you decide to go into that relationship with tamhat guy make up your mind that your bed will not be soiled with iniquity and If he wants to stain it by all means, leave him let him go, maybe he is not yours!

4. Wisdom:
A foolish husband is a disaster. Any lady in a relationship with a foolish man is heading for disaster.

A house is built by wisdom. Therefore, to build a home you need to have a husband with a penchant for wisdom.
Always go after wisdom, ask yourself questions like...does this guy put the word of God first? If he doesn't he might probably lack wisdom because only people that Study and Spend time on God’s word grow in wisdom.

My advice:
Do not fall in love with a vain person.
A marriage cannot be sustained on promises alone.

Be blessed!

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