#Women'sDiary Episode 5: Knowing Your Partners Love Language.

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To the singles out there reading this, this post is actually for you.

I am currently single but I have 3 sisters, all are currently married but based on experience from when they were still single and dating their hubby's,  I will strongly advice all
singles currently in a relationship to try their possible best in knowing their future partner’s love language(s).

 Though you might find it very hard or may not even be able to ‘fully’ express some of those love language(s) until you both get married.

Most of my friends reading this may ask me questions like, “what if my boyfriend's/girlfriend's love language is HUGGING, KISSING OR CUDDLING?” what if he/she always wants me to do any of this three acts to prove how much I really do love him/her.

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Well based on logistics, the only responsible and proper way you can express your love while still dating now is just holding of hands. Though many still prefer hugging but nowadays a lot of people now find hugging improper but to me its still okay just to friends.

But for Cuddling and Kissing, something may go wrong.

if you accept to cuddle him/her today, it will be difficult not to share a tight hug tomorrow. That definitely may come along with pecks which will gradually mature into a deep kiss. Before you know it, you’ll be struggling not to have sex together.

A person who enjoys CUDDLING OR KISSING may also like SWEET LOVING WORDS; in this 21st century, words are very powerful, when used rightly, they can melt the heart of a strong man/woman any time.

Many people now find this amusing and then use it wrongly to get what they want...SEX.

MY ADVICE; Use your words to stir up your date to be a better person and not to sexually arouse him/her.

There are series of loving words that can melt the heart of an individual, this words can make anyone do anything for you, including sleeping with you. though some really mean their words but some just use it to get what they want...you know what I mean.

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Don't let sweet loving words with sexual undertone set your emotions and body on fire which in know time be consumed in the flame of temporary but regretful sexual pleasures. Don’t dare smell what you are not yet “qualified” to eat least its aroma keeps giving you sleepless night until you have a taste of it. Once you taste it, it’s very difficult to stop it and not stopping it could cause lot of havoc.

There are other PROPER LOVE LANGAUAGES you can warm your lovers heart with. For example; Giving A Helping Hand.
Everyone loves a helping hand it's hard to find someone who would say no  would say no to a little hand of help unless he/she is actually angry with you.
You don’t know a good husband/wife ‘material’ by ‘testing’ him/her on the bed. Marriage is not all about sex. Of what use is a man/woman who is good in bed but usless in other areas of life? Set boundaries while courting and stand by them. Don’t let anyone start a fire with you that you know can consume you utterly.

It's always cool to spend QUALITY TIME with your future spouse, just to get to know each other better but you you must always be careful not to be too alone for long where you’ll be tempted to “mess yourselves up.”

Don't be alone behind close doors for too long, it will always make you go beyond the boundary, rather spend time going out, be among people that matter or attend programmes together.

Everyone loves gifts from their lovers it helps to remember old times especially special dates, dates he/she said "YES", birthday, e.t.c
If receiving gift is your partners love language; just make sure you don’t make unnecessary demand that will choke up your partner. Great relationship is made up of givers

To Singles & Married, my advice for you... if you’re married, sleep only with your spouse; if you’re still single, sleep alone till you get married. I know you have lot of questions, I’ll be waiting to answer them in the comment section below...

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