SuccessSeries: 3 Keys To Understanding Your True Identity

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Hello everyone, how are you doing, I guess you guys are doing great.
In one of our previous topics we have discussed about knowing who you are, I hope it has changed some part of you. Today I'm going to be sharing with you guys how to understand your true identity which I believe is a very vital key on your journey to success.

  As humans we all are not the same, we are different especially in our behaviours and character wise.
Some are just nice and patient, some are just jealous, wicked and impatient. Some are rich while some are poor, even in the bible, some just have to be servants while some will be kings. As humans it now depends on which category you choose to fall into.

To understand your true identity you need to know the 3 basic important identities, which are self image, self esteem and self respect.

Self image is all about the inner you, what you think about yourself, what you imagine about yourself. After all your thinking and imagination you also need to know what you feel about yourself that is where self esteem comes in (How you feel about yourself). Then the third one which is self respect is just how you treat yourself.

Majority of Nigerians do not know their true identity, they don't even know what they are worth, they don't know their value they don't know that it's from the way they feel about themselves (self esteem) comes their worth, your worth is your value and how you value yourself depends on how people will treat you.
The big question now is, do you even know your worth? The answer to this question can be gotten from the way you picture yourself.

Do you know? Your value brings you the third important key on your journey to success which is self respect. A lot of people don't treat themselves with respect, they feel they aren't important, they believe they have no value and it shows in their appearance, the way they talk, the way they look and walk.
To some this might be due to how you have been treated, depression and all sort, but what you don't know is that all this doesn't matter because how you see yourself controls your behaviour. If you picture yourself as a stupid person, you begin to behave like a stupid person and you will never get anything you feel the person inside you isn't qualified to get.

You need to stop struggling to become successful when God already sees you as a success, it's just like Adam and eve in the bible, they were already created in the image of God but the devil cunningly deceived them to doubt who they really were and they ate the forbidden fruit. It's because they doubted that they were who God said they were that is why they ate the forbidden fruit. Never believe that you are less than who God says you are.

Have you ever wondered why Mankind wasn't doomed, its because the last Adam that came to earth  never failed, do u know the last Adam? It's Jesus Christ. Even after so much temptations and suffering, he succeeded. Can you remember the bible tells us that Jesus was baptized at river Jordan, the heavens opened, the spirit of God descended upon him and God spoke from heaven: "this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased". After the devil had seen all this he took to his heels to come and tempt him and the first temptation was to make Jesus turn stones into bread. This temptation was to make Jesus think that he needs to prove he's actually God's son and that what God said wasn't enough. Which means if he turned the stones to bread then he is actually God's son but if he can't then he isn't the son of God.

The fact here is nothing is impossible for Jesus to do, remember he had not done a single miracle and God already  called him his son, so do you think turning stones into bread was impossible, no it isn't. But if he did he would have defined his success by his performance therefore he would have fallen into the same trap adam and eve fell into but Jesus being so wise replied the devil, "man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD.

In essence he was telling the devil that I don't have to turn stones into bread to realize who i really am, I won't derive my identity from what I have/haven't done. Wether I turn stones into bread or not I'm who God says i am.

Nowadays many of us use our achievements or non-achievements  to determine our level of success, we measure who we are  by natural parameters, we identify ourselves by things that happen to us or by what we have, we define ourselves by past experiences, by what people say we are, No stop it! you are who God says you are because when your destiny was planned nobody was there.

Few weeks ago a friend of mine was asking me what have i achieved, she was telling me if I don't have enough money in my bank account then i haven't achieved anything, she was measuring my achievements by my bank account, she was waiting for something spectacular like a huge some of money to determine my level of success.

But all this are very wrong, just because you don't have money now, doesn't mean you are poor.
A lot of us build our self esteem on material things we fail to understand that the raw material with which God builds is his word (ideas), whatever he says you are is what you are.

It is so unfortunate that many people have unwisely allowed what people call them affect their lives, what they do and it eventually controls their lives. I have been called a fool so many times but that doesn't mean I'm one, some of you might have been told that you can never succeed but that doesn't mean you can't, don't allow those words to find a way into your heart because if it does it irrationally controls your life.

My advice: shun inferiority complex, dont determine your value by lack of educational qualification, poor appearance or other peoples achievements it only causes depression and destruction.
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