Stop Doing What You Love, Do What You Are

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Hey guys how have you been, I hope you're great. Recently i was surfing online and i found so many interesting things to talk about but today i'm going to be sharing to you why you need to quit what you love for who you are.

It's not actually easy like i have said,
giving up what you love for who you are is actually a very difficult thing to do though to some it might not be as difficult as I'm thinking but doing so is actually worth it.

If you really want to be successful and you really want to make money you need to build up confidence and start doing what you are.

The question now is do you even know what you are? You have to know who you are before you can do what you are if you don't, things get mixed up and you end up crashing down by doing what you love.
Also you need to Love who you are so that you can enjoy doing what you are.

One of the worst pieces of career advice that has been trending online and even some books which a lot of you guys have not only just gotten but given is to "do what you love."...

Nowadays facts don't sell anymore people love to read stories they find stories more interesting than helpful fact. But I'm still going to share this fact "You Will never get paid doing what you love" it's good to be passionate about what you're doing but don't work for passion, work for money.

Just like a story i read, the writer said

"I am a writer, but I love sex more than I love writing. And I am not getting paid for sex. In fact, as you might imagine, my sex life is really tanking right now. But I don't sit up at night thinking, should I do writing or sex? Because career decisions are not decisions about "what do I love most?" Career decisions are about what kind of life do I want to set up for myself?"

The main lesson I want you all to gain from this is that make your decisions wisely, decide to do what would make your future great rather than things that gives pleasures that will soon be long forgotten.
I speak from the heart, I write to help others, I believe when one stands up strong, others begin to rise.

Start today, I'm not saying you should work and work and never take time out to do what you love, but all i'm saying is leave what you love for now and do what you are so you can enjoy later.

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