Self Concept- Philip Vincent

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I'm sure the concept: 'self concept', does not sound strange to us. If
it does, here is a concise meaning.

Self concept {or self worth or self esteem} is what you feel, think
and see about yourself. It is an atmosphere of your thoughts and a
picture of who you think you are. I'm Sorry for being too formal. How

are you guys doing and how was today?
I spent mine learning new things, making new friends and being happy.

Ok... The idea behind your self concept is this:

-It can either be positive or negative.

-It has to do with areas you feel uncertain, either physically,
financially, spiritually, mentally or socially.

You may feel uncertain with your physical appearance or physique. As a
guy, you may not have the 'six packs' as other guys do, or the
muscular and athletic body. As a lady too, you may have flat hips or
may not like how your hair usually appear.

Trust me guys, you could fix these up instead of being uncertain and
I have a friend who didn't like how her hips were flat and decided
exercise regularly.

I remember she use to do a particular exercise I call 'frog jump'. But
she would'nt hold her ears or jump. She used to place her hands on her
waist and then try to squat gently. And this really worked for her.
I'd advice you go for exercises and check your diet.

Yours may be socially in your relationship with others. Or even
spiritually, that is, in your relationship with God.

The thing is this, your self concept really matters and it determines
how far you go in life.

For example, if you constantly believe you can't be successful in
something, may be an examination. Your belief max be due to what you
have heard others say about you, or your previous test results.

Your mind assement here will creep into reality and you'll end up not
performing well in the exams.

The good thing is, you can eliminate such thoughts.

So today I'd advise you;

#start thinking big,

#dreaming big and

#acting big.

# Never see yourself as an inferior person or as one that lacks
certain ability insomething.

#Choose your friends or people that keep you company wisely. Make sure
they are people who encourage and don't condemn.

My last take on this is that you should get closer to God. He created
you for a purpose.
Getting close to him makes the reality of that purpose more concrete!

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