Our Clothe Of Lies; Destiny Has Been Written

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It's the fifth of May, 3:42am 2017. I'm still awake thinking of how i'm going to succeed but my thoughts took me back in time, I began to remember those corrupt old days of military government.

Though I might be small then but I remember a little and I've watched videos of history where innocent
civilians were killed just because of their opinions to have a corrupt free nation, inoccent blood were shed just because they wanted peace.
The activists who were hanged, shot and beheaded just because they wanted the future generations to enjoy. but it seems they struggled and protested in vain their bloods have just been wasted, that's all I can see.

We always want to grow and develop into a great nation, we complain the whites are better than us but we never do anything to improve rather we remain in that same old spot and slowly move backwards in disguise, we cover our backslide with clothe of lies.
"We all are liars" These are the words all these current politicians should be saying.

How can we ever grow where there is no support
How can we ever grow where there are no gadgets
How can we ever grow when the country lacks instrument of success
How can we ever grow when the youths are dying of hunger
How can we ever grow when the sick can't be treated properly
Even the president of the Nation has to fly overseas for treatment.
No one believes in this country anymore.
No one believes in change anymore.

The youth can't even decide by themselves what they want to be.
How can we ever grow when over 60% of children in the country are uneducated and do not have the chance to go to school.
How can we ever develop when we we can't get what we need to drive our passion when we need them.

I see a 5-6 year old american child with a laptop, he already knows all the features of the computer, he has started writing codes at the age of 6, why won't he become a programmer when he grows up.
But a Nigerian, he won't or might not be able to get it until he is 30 and we want the country to develop, i hope so.

I see a 5-7 year old american child In a cooking competition with a very good prize for the winner and a scholarship training for the winner and the runner ups. Tell me when they grow up won't they desire to become chefs.

How can we ever grow when parents lack enough funds to sponsor the child.
Basically, the entertainment world is currently trending with meaningless  songs, even if it would be wordly at least give it a meaning.
I see a young boy at the age of 5, the family saw he had the talent to sing they bought him instruments to learn, took him for musical training and the likes and now he is now one of the major celebrities, you know him he is "Justin Bieber" just like Michael Jackson too, started at the age of 5, became the king of pop at least taking the gospel aspect aside, they sang meaningful songs.

But from Nigerians most of the song we hear is rubbish and they singers are proud of it, this influences the upcoming youth and they join the team of musicians with meaningless songs.

I'm saying this we can never meet up with the whites even as little as we try they improve the more (10 times better). Though I believe in prayers and if we keep on praying things might change but based on what I can see, I think if we do meet up then it's in our dreams.
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