#Fisi Weekly Episode 4: Midnight Poem Battle; Love And Life (Who Won?)

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So this midnight was fun, a very funny thing happened and that's "A Poem Battle". I was just trying to show my friend, a very good writer and poet, a poem i just wrote but i renembered it wasn't on my phone so i couldn't. Then I decided to write another from my heart, just the way I feel and then the battle began lols...so funny, check it out.

Flywaterz: In my heart it was she
In my soul it was she
She hurts me bad
And I'm so sad
I tried so hard
But all ended up bad
I wish I could journey
Through her mind
And see her thoughts
Every time it's Goodbye
 the only word from her mouth
I'm a dove
She's the lion
But thanks to companies
has brought back joy..

Ruth: Love lost her young
Despise is her oil
But one thing she have left
Is a broken and battered heart
Healing they say is at heart
But hers is in her foot
Soon she will understand
That her pains will soon fade.

Flywaterz: A broken heart
Sown with thread
Once the forgotten journeys back
Heart gets broken
A fairy passed by
Love for the fairy
Destroys the past
The forgotten fails to journey back
Is the heart really mended?

 Ruth: Decisions are part of nature
Broken hearts are for fixture
Soon things won't be same
Cuz the past paves for fame
Trust is the deal for the game
Soon everything will be a feature

Flywaterz: Things have changed
Many want to play the game
Forgetting the deal of the game
With so many fixtures
They just want to be the keeper
Hoping for the striker
To score the goals.

 Ruth: The best is yet to come
Trending with the available
Makes moments undesirable
Many knows not what they need
Others need not what they want
But things are now steady
Even the commoners are now trendy.

Flywaterz: Steady as it is
The commoners can't be found
The rich are all around
The corrupt are the ones trending
Others are pending
All I hope is quick ending
We need the Best for easy access
We say the best is yet to come
I say The Best is always here
Many don't know where
But it's right there
In the heart

So you see...just make your opinion heard in the comment box below by telling us who won....THANKS!

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