Help! My Partner Doesn't Believe In My Dreams

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Hello it's our 6th episode on our women's diary and today we'll be talking about why partners decide to move in the opposite direction, have no believe in their partners dreams.

The world is now being seen in a different way,  most girls want money and don't even care about love for anyone, they dont even want to listen to
your ideas or What you can do, the first thing they all wanna see is "money". First it is not a bad thing to like money but it becomes a bad thing when they become greedy about it.

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That is why a lot of girls end up marrying the wrong husband. It is so frustrating to be married to someone who doesn't believe in your dreams and visions. It is so painful to be wasting all your energy and time getting soul knitted to someone who doesn't believe in the future you anticipate. Nothing is as beautiful and interesting as having a spouse who truly believes in you, cares for you and In all "Your Everything".

I must say it is compulsory to have your PURPOSE before your life partner. Do not bring your life partner into the picture before you know the future you anticipate.

If you have dragged your partner into the picture and you've ended up getting caught in the game, here is my advice for you;
Try as much as possible to settle the matter and make her see what your vision entails, if you've done everything possible and be still won't believe in that dream of yours, go ahead and achieve your dreams, that purpose of yours, he will come running after you whe he sees that purpose of yours turning into success
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