9 Lessons I Learnt From The Movie "The Hurricane"

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So recently, i watched a very emotional and dramatic movie, I was very touched watching this movie and it was just like I could feel the pain Denzel Washington (the main actor) Was feeling. From what I could see, this touching movie continues to make Denzel Washington prove that he is a power house actor in what is perhaps his best role since "Malcolm X".

The story of this movie was actually about a great boxer Rubin Carter popularly known as "The Hurricane". He made a name for himself as one of the most dangerous boxers of his time despite a troublesome childhood where he had a juvenile crime record and was sent to ten years in prison while just 11. He was sent to jail for assaulting a would- be child molester while defending his friend and stabbing the man with a knife.

After bursting out of prison he went to join the German army and later became a boxer. His strength and agility made him one of the best boxers has he knocked out the current champion back then in the first round and he became known world wide.

He later got into trouble with many so jealous of his success as a boxer and was falsely accused of brutally shooting and killing three people in a New jersey bar. Due to the tampering of facts and evidence by a local copy, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. But with his determination not to let the system break him he began to write a book about his autobiography and later published it to keep himself sane.

Years later after publishing the book, a teenage boy called lesra, reads his book and sends a letter to the boxer. They form a friendship which leads to the boy and his guardians believing that Carter his innocent and they worked to uncover the lies that sent and kept the hurricane in jail.

With this inspiring and educative story I would like to share with you guys 9 lessons I learnt from the movie Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter.

1) Always Think You Can Do Something Better With Your Life: As I sat on the chair watching this movie, one of the things that came to my mind was anyone who watches this movie and cannot come out with a new thinking of how they can do a better job with their lives then they really do not have any pulse in their heart because the movie was just so moving.

2) The Importance Of Reading: Just like I have always said always find something to read, this movie has once again showed the importance of reading books as Rubin began to read books while in prison which then inspired him to write out his autobiography in a book. And also he  was able to speak and decide wisely

3) The Power Of Writing: This movie has really made me to see that writing can really inspire lives, motivate people and help the writer even without knowing. Writing has the power to change the readers lives and lead them into the right path

4) Even In The Midst Of Evil God Works For Good: After so much suffering God still had mercy, Rubin showed commitment and preserverance which led to his release

5) Always Stand Up For What Is Right:
This movie sends a message to all viewers to stand up for what is right even when discouraged.

6) Never Give Up, Always Struggle For Changes: Taught me not to give up no matter what and never be allowed to be defeated emotionally.

7) Maintain Your Physical and Mental Abilities: Taught me to always find time to exercise to keep myself strong  and to always study, write and work to make me mentally strong and alert

8) Love Is Everything: His intimate bond with lesra and his guardians made them more dedicated to his case and got him out (the power of love)

9) Always Rely On Your Skill And Sharp Mind: Doing this builds your confidence and makes you deal confidently with problems that comes your way.
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