#FisiWeekly Epp 6: They Let You Down, So What? That's Not The End Of The World.

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His attention has been drawn lately to finding someone so close, close enough to be a confidant, so close to be trusted in all situations but as much as he searched, all he could see is no one, he looked through the family, No-one, the betrayal begins from the blood.

Those who he thought will be the ones to show him much love will be the first to give excuses to find some other places to jolloficate in times of need, there can never be a love like a mothers love.

He's all grown up now, It's his third year in the university and after expanding his horizon he began to chase purpose, he believes in putting his career on the frontline before having a partner. It's not that he doesn't have someone he likes but the question is does that someone truly likes him.

Nowadays it's very difficult to find a girl who is going to like you for who you are, he has put 3 to 4 girls to test and he ends up finding that they want a guy who has money, some might believe in your dreams but can't wait till you accomplish that dream. What then is the difference between those that do not believe and those that do but cannot wait.

A girl in his eyes, a girl in his dreams
As gentle as a dove, so they think he is, so while sitting, he began to think and he remembered everyone will not support you, everyone will not like you even not all in-laws will, basically like I have said before not everyone in your family will like you. You just have to accept the way it is and work above haters.

Conditions of illness
Even bloods care not
They leave him in pains
But never remembered the days of service
Scared to tell the one
The one is scared to hear
Stories that touch
Ladies are so hard to be trusted
Would this be the confidant
Or would she flee when the truth breaks loose

The grandma visits
All she cares is when he leaves
They can't see tomorrow
Talk more arranging the future...
Two years from now
Waiting till the end

It's like a mirage, trust cannot show itself in the eyes of the beholder,
He's finding it hard to believe in anyone are everyone the same?
Humans are predictable so is life
Change is inevitable.

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