#Fisi Weekly Episode 5: Love Yourself


So welcome to episode 5 of #FisiWeekly today my main aim is to challenge all of you both old and young especially the youth who always desire to love another without even loving themselves to love yourselves unconditionally.

Nowadays the only thing most youth do
now is to celebrate others, they spend all the time they have for others, they don't even have time to appreciate who they are and cannot even remember the last time they took time out to celebrate how far they have come in life.

The fact is if you truly love yourself deeply, wholly, fully and unconditionally only then are you in a proper position to love another.
Enjoy life, don't work too hard though hard work forever pays but don't work to a situation whereby you end up losing your health when the wealth comes.

If you are a married woman or woman, don't always just take care of the home don't think that if your home looks like the kings palace or like the United States presidential villa (White House) that there will always be a smile on your spouses face, Don't get me wrong, it's good to always clean and take care of the house but also find time to to look after yourself too.
You need to take time out to be refreshed and take a good look at the mirror, observe if the reflection of who you see is a better you and not a ‘worn-out’ you.

A lot of people are lonely forgetting that the smallest thing to do is to make themselves happy.
Sarah D. Jakes once said, “you have to love yourself first; because that’s the only way you can truly love another imperfect person”.

Always remember no one can make you sad without your consent, surround yourself with people that encourage and always do everything in their power to keep you strong, this always brings joy but and if you are surrounded by those who do not make you happy, look for a way to make yourself happy. The truth is you cannot make other people happy if you’re sad.

In life everything cant go on smooth all the time, you will always have to face great challenges on the way but the beauty here is how you overcome this challenges and build your own circle of cheerleaders.

My words of advice; Dont work too much till you breakdown, A lots of people who are or were termed successful  never fully lived their lives, a lot of people could only see what happened outside but could not see they battled inwardly with depression, loneliness and rejection; and as such ended their lives because they didn’t enjoy it. Learn to hang around those who celebrate you and those who will stop at nothing to bring out the best in you. Fall in love with yourself because if you do, you will stop at nothing to make yourself happy.
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