Explore Your Mind; Don't Just Be A Literate, Be Educated


When I talk about exploring your mind, I mean you need to use your mind, don't make it idle because any individual who does not use his/her mind is a useless person. If you dont use your mind, you will become useless to yourself, to the society, to the world at large and you will never succeed.

Using your mind or exploring your mind as to do with a lot of thinking,
"If you don't have time to think you can never have time to succeed".

Being a literate and being an educated person are two different things entirely, getting educated deals with information and transformation.
You see this life we live in has been turned upside down that's why a lot of people think upside down. A lot of us have seen education in a different way, and when we follow that way we end up becoming servants, we end up becoming second best and never at our desired positions.

Many at times a lot of people just think education is just going to school, going to the university, becoming a graduate and getting a job. This is very wrong and common with most Nigerians and that is why you see many Nigerians who are literate but not educated.

Education actually means training your mind to reflect the inner you.
Like I said earlier education deals with transformation, when you are educated you become transformed and you become automatically empowered to deal with the problems that comes your way.

Also like I said before, i told you education deals with information, when you get information and make a better use of it, you can never be the same. Let me tell you this, the word information,  When broken down can be seen as IN-FORMATION, In simply means the inner you then FORMATION means to create, to construct (construction), what you create inside of you determines what you will create in reality.
"Your construction determined your position" and that is the main aim of education. That is why In the title i said don't just be a literate be educated.

A lot of Nigerians are in the university which has a system that encourages their students to cram things, i am a part of this experience, most courses I take are already in a system that encourages me to just cram, pass and get Good grades so i can move to the next level and after doing so i forget everything. There isn't enough time for the lecturers to explain what they want to lecture therefore they provide materials, expecting us to read and pass. This is not EDUCATION.

Therefore i stand to say that we need a solution to these problems, how can we have hundreds of thousands of literates who have passed through the university but cannot design any product or services to cater for themselves, how can we be producing  hundreds of graduates yearly, yet we cannot handle the situation of the country, how can this country move forward when the graduates we produce cannot even deal with the circumstances they face.
We need schools that will produce graduates who are ready to develop this nation.

My advice: After everything, let us also check ourselves, look deeply into the inner you, always educate yourselves, read books that will expand your horizon. To get something you've never had you need to do something you have never done.
Don't waste your money in the things of this world, Buy the TRUTH but Never sell it.

There isn't any unique problem in this world anymore, someone might have gone through the same problem you are currently battling with 50 years ago and has written a book containing the solution, so why stress yourself read their books and speed up your journey to success.
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  1. Nice one there. We have to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead is to see farther.

  2. Yh Aaron...thanks for the comment


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