Dream It, Live it

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Hello!!!  Can you tell me what your dream is?. Do you believe that you can achieve it, no matter what your background is. Abraham Lincoln was a successful man, his father was a shift less illiterate carpenter, while his mother was a woman of no extraordinary thing attainment, he only went to school for about 12 months in his entire life. If this man can make it in life, what are you waiting for?

Do you even realize that there are common steps to achieving your dreams.

1. Separation: You need to separate yourselves from negative people around you, people that can poison your mind, people that can destroy your destiny, people that can weigh you down, try to identify them and separate yourself from them,as progression in life requires separation.

2. Association, connection & affiliation: Let the connection start now, associate yourself with the successful people around you, flow with them because these are the people that will elevate you, these are the people that will raise your positive plans, these are the people that will bring out the fear of failure in you, the fear that's killing you, the emotion that is unpleasant in you, they will extract it and even replace it with constructive ones. So let the connection keep going with the successful ones around you.

3. Ideas: Before God started creation, everything appears as a picture, can you now see how beautiful the world is. That is the wonderful power of ideas. Did you know, God did not finish creation?. He now pass the ideas of creating things to his creatures to continue the creation. Now it's left to you, fine that idea in you to fulfill your purpose in life because that is what we are here for. Ideas rule the world.

 4. Take a step to fail:  Do you know dream is not measured by success but by failure. How many times did you try and fail before giving up?, how many times did you try and fail before quitting?. The only reason why men fail is broken focus.
Do you have any target at all?, your background is not important as the one you want to build. Be focus, it's okay to fail but fail forward. Don't quit. You have got to think big while doing small things..

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