Don't Stop Believing

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"If you believe it will work out,  you'll see opportunities but if you don't, you'll see obstacles"
- Wayne Dyer.
You see Believe and hope are really interlinking somehow.
Hellen keller once said "Nothing can be done without hope and confidence".
As long as all the matter have hope, hope just becomes mere flattery or platitude. Hope is so scarce nowadays because all humans needs hope, it's just like a diamond very rare to find. It's only when everything is hopeless that hope begins to strengthen.

I believe "believe" is just hoping when things are hopeless. If you read the bible you will see different stories that shows the power of believing and hoping. Just like the story of the Israelites, they needed a change, they had given up all hopes but suddenly "Moses" showed up, God brought back their hopes and delivered them through Moses. Also in the wilderness after all hopes for food were lost, he provided food.

My beloved we are agents of hope through Christ Jesus. We all carry something special in us the world needs to look up to, believe! You can never be hopeless, don't hide that hope, expose and spread it.
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