Dealing With Thinking Syndrome

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A guy worked on the railways. One night after all his fellow workers
had gone home, he accidentally locked himself in a refrigerated
carriage. Worried that the temperature was below freezing, he yelled
for help, but to no avail. The more he thought about his situation the
colder he felt, until eventually he started shivering uncontrollably.
Convinced he was dying, he picked his pen and wrote a letter to his
family outlining and explaining what had happened that night.

The next morning, his co-workers arrived the railway station and got
set for work.

The later found the guy's body. An autopsy revealed that he had indeed
frozen to death. But the investigators discovered something puzzling.
The carriage in which he was trapped was out of order and had been
disconnected from electricity that night. The night he froze to death
the temperature in the boxcar was 16.1, just below room temperature
(and even below the normal human body temperature).

But what happened?

He froze to death because he expected to die, he lost the battle in his mind.

Syndrome is a medical condition that consists of a particular set of
problems. Relating this with thinking, it has to do with an illness of
thinking. It is often said that 'thinking rules a person's world'.
Also, you believe what you have thought in your mind. And what you
believe about your life is more important than what anyone else

We have to be very careful with what we anticipate or think. Negative
expectations or thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies. By
focusing on the negative and not positive you are agreeing to let
quagmire creep into your future. Always anticipate the best outcome
for yourself and others, because when what you expect is just more of
the same, that is what you get.

The truth is, if you think often enough that you can't do something,
you will be unable to do it even though you have the talent, time,
resources, strategy, strength and friends to accomplish it. Only those
who think positive can do great things.

So today, start thinking positive and stay positive !

This guest post was written by Vincent Phillip you can find him blogging HERE
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