#WomensDiary Season #1, Episode #4: Why Women Are Stronger And Better Than Men.

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Hi guys, this is the fourth episode of the first season of the Flywaterz Women's Diary where we will be discussing isuess pertaining to women's Beauty, Sexuality, Health & Lifestyle.

So today i'm bringing this write up mainly for the ladies.
Last week I and one of my friends were currently in an argument on the difference between both male and females and who is more stronger and guess what, based on my research I've brought you ladies facts on how different you are from men, how stronger you are than men.

A woman is obviously different from a man. Based on the anatomical difference, we all can see, it's absolutely very clear, particularly in the development of a woman's breasts. Among the western communities, the
breast has a unique sexual symbolism, and even if fashion diminishes it's rotundity, the hemispherical mammary glands are a potent attraction for the male eye.

Based on my research, I was reading a book and an old philosopher known as "FREUD" suggested that women are mutilated males and are inferior to man, their sexual problems are related to envy for the absence of "Pennis".
He was very unfair to women that he further went on by saying women had a smaller intellectual capacity, a far greater vanity, a constitutional passivity and a weaker sexuality.

But all these sayings are very wrong, this according to my research could be possibly based on Freud's upbringing in a traditional Jewish middle-class family.

In other words, a woman is said to act or behave in a certain way because of the way she was brought up to believe that the the society expects her to behave in that manner. This then does not imply that she is weaker than or inferior to a man, even if both women and men are brought up by the society to believe this.

So I'll be sharing with you few reasons why women are stronger and better than men below...

1. Longevity: As we all can see, longevity studies shows that the female is actually stronger than the male. The females are always less likely to be aborted when in their mothers womb than the males, they are always more likely to be born alive, less likely to succumb to infection in the first years of life and are always more likely to live beyond the age of 65.

2. Mammals with wombs: Men are supposed to be jealous of this, the females are very unique they can succeed in most activities as well as a man. But one unique importance I'll love to discuss is that they are "mammals". She carries her infant in the womb until it is sufficiently well developed to survive. She is the only one that can supply an internal care to any infant.

3. Mothers Care:
The mothers care can never be like the fathers care right from childhood she is the only one who is much closer to the child, cuddles the baby immediately after birth, breastfeeds her, pats the baby at back to stop crying and many more...what more can there be like a mothers love.

4. Women can handle the stress of a job interview better.

According to the research i made i found out that women handle the stress of a job interview better than men.
It was said that women are much more prepared by researching on the company and having mock interviews with friends before the final day. Men, on the other hand, took things easy and only prepared at the last minute.

5. Women are more likely to survive a car accident.
They say women are horrible drivers, but did you know men are 77% more likely to die in car accident? Sounds bizarre, but based on facts and research, it has been proved that men are more careless while driving than women.

6. Women have a stronger immune system.

Just like I said earlier females have an edge when it comes to fighting off of infections. According to my research,  study by an American University shows that estrogen gives females an edge over infections. The hormone produced by the female reproductive system confronts a certain enzyme that hinders the body's first line of defense against bacteria and viruses.

7. Women are better managers.
Female managers can be your worst nightmare but they can be a close friend who solves problems. Women are better able to understand emotions and body language making them rational thinkers and team co-ordinators
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