Unbelievable! A Nigerian Man Invents A "Jet Car", Which Can Be Flown, Sailed On Water And Driven.

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A Nigerian man from the South-western piece of the nation is driving a course in building up a multi-dimensional transportation extend that can proceed
onward any stage.

Kehinde Durojaiye, the designer posturing adjacent to his Jet Car

Kehinde Durojaiye has stunningly built up a vehicle gadget that has similar qualities with an auto, air craft and additionally a ship.

As indicated by reports, the gadget labeled a "Jet Car" can sail on water, fly noticeable all around and can be driven on land.

The Jet Car being tried on water, street and air respectively

This baffling improvement originating from a Nigerian regardless of absence of support from the administration or propelled information in innovative advancement like Japan and others has been hailed by netizens.

Reports have it that it has been tried and it secured 86 miles when Durojaiye drove it from Lagos to Ibadan at the speed of 120 km/hr.
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